What Indian Military Really Needs

By Anang Pal Malik It is estimated that at its peak, the total strength of soldiers present in Delhi during the 1857 War of Independence reached about 60,000. But they were all More »

Why Politicians Are Able To Grant Their Vote Banks Immunity From Law

    On 27th August 2013, in the Kawal village of Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, two cousins were brutally killed when they objected to molestation of a girl in the family. More »

The Great Indian Education Loot

By Anang Pal Malik My first memory of school is of the day I was literally dragged by four boys to the primary school in our village, and as they handed over More »

Mr Prime Minister, Scrap The National Green Tribunal Before It Scraps India.

By Anang Pal Malik The National Green Tribunal was constituted following the passage of the National Green Tribunal Act of 2010. Initially the country was given to understand that the Tribunal would More »

Engineers With Rs 10000 per month Salary, Farmer Suicides, Land Acquisition Bill, And Future Of India

By Anang Pal Malik In India, average salary of an engineering graduate, fresh from college, is between Rs 15000 to Rs 20000 per month, and it is easy to hire them at More »

A Journey From Modinagar To Manesar

Human beings settled down from a life of nomads to become farmers but soon afterwards those who were entrusted arms to defend settlements from raiders, turned on their own and declared that More »


Hospitals In India: Private & Government

On ZEE TV just saw two reports. First on a private hospital in Mumbai having Corona ward. Ward cleaner than a five star hotel room, every damn equipment available, staff fully provided.Second report was on KEM hospital Mumbai. No staff

Why Do Indian Government Employees Love Congress (Or Why Do They Love DA)?

Suppose there are 1000 articles produced in a country. Suppose there are 1000 people in that country, and suppose there are 1000 currency notes in that country, and everybody has 1 rupee. Each article has the same price: 1 rupee

The End Of Mahabharata War

In Railway, they say that systems are so designed that accidents are impossible till one person commits a series of mistakes, or many people commit mistakes at the same time.Shakuni avenged the injustice he perceived was done against his sister.

बिचौलिये, The Middlemen

वामपंथी दुनिया के सबसे कमीने ठग होते है। दुनिया में बहुत सारे phenomenon, तथ्य एक साथ विद्यमान होते है। ग़रीबी, अमीरी, किसान, व्यापार, उद्योगपति, अत्याचार, बेरोज़गारी, धर्म, राजशाही, लोकतंत्र, स्त्रियों पर अत्याचार, युवाओ की आवारागर्दी, युवाओ में नशा। लेकिन इनमें

The Fraud Called Labour “Exploitation”

“Exploitation” is the most exploited word of English language. Exploited by the Leftist thugs. There is only one kind of “work” that can be called exploitation: bonded labour. Labour where man is forced to work against his will, and is

The Labour Day: The Attack Of The Primitive

The primitive societies could not visualise that anything can be work other than hunting and gathering. Both involve muscle. Though actually both involved mind more than muscle. If only muscles were needed for even hunting and gathering, Homo Sapiens stood

How The Things Are Priced

First, prices are always relative. We value article say 1 more than we value article 2 and some other person values article 1 less than he values article 2. They will exchange the goods till their total valuations become more

Mr PM, Liberalise The Economy Even As You Reopen It

1990. India was bankrupt. Bajaj scooter had five year wait, telephone had ten year wait, Delhi Mumbai airfare was Rs. 5000 and you needed to know a Jt Secy to get a seat. Entry level salary of Class A officer

Corona Lockdowns And Economy

Consider the following: Before Corona epidemic1. 26000 persons were dying in India per day2. 1600 persons were dying in Italy per day.3. 7000 persons were dying in the US per day. Now compare that with Covid deaths, in say, the

Indian Spending On Health

Why exactly can’t we even see the obvious dancing before our eyes? How did we become so shallow and superficial, living mediocre lives? The Dumbs of Hindostan have discovered that Europeans are spending such and such percentage of their GDP