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68 Indians Detained In Washington For Illegally Entering The US

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In late 1990s, around the years 1996 or 1997, a Sikh youth was found staggering around, dazed, on the tarmac at Heathrow  air port, London. He was taken to a hospital, and when a couple of days later he regained his senses, what he told the authorities shocked them into disbelief.

He told them that he and his brother had tied themselves to the landing gear of a British Airways plane at Delhi airport, in the hope of making it to the UK. They remained undetected and the plane took off for London. During the flight as temperature dropped to -50 deg C, and air became thinner and thinner, they lost consciousness, and he woke up in the hospital. Authorities refused to believe the story, but he stuck to it. Unconvinced, they searched the approach to the Heathrow, and found the body of his brother who, unconscious, apparently fell down to his death when the landing gear opened up for landing at the approach to the airport.

The case was run by the UK media for many days, and was frontpaged in the Times of India, Delhi edition also.

The Sikh youth was granted UK citizenship before he was discharged from the hospital, on the grounds that how desperate life in India must have been that he hung onto the landing gear of a plane to escape it.

So it comes as no surprise that 68 Indians are being held in the detention centre in the Washington state of the US for illegally entering the country.

This is the country our thuggish, venal ruling elite has reduced India to that Indians are risking all their wealth and their lives to escape it. The expenditure they incur to make the dangerous journey out of India itself would suffice to start a respectable modest business enough to give them the lifestyle they are seeking in the west. After all, in most cases, they do menial, low paying jobs there, which apparently are not available to them in India. They deal with all sorts of shady agents, suffer indignities during the journey itself, and hide as illegals for years in the countries they arrive in.

All because our socialistic ruling elite has created a system in which doing a business is all but impossible. And even after you have paid all the bribes and greased all the palms, and managed to start the business, some tribunal, some court, some commission, some board may wake up somewhere and proclaim that in spite of all those clearances and permissions and licenses, you are still in violation of two dozen or more laws, and therefore you are hereby ordered to shut down your business then and there.

And therefore human export industry is few of the flourishing industries in India. Every small town has shops promising to send people abroad. Every few years tragedies occur in which Indians trying to flee their country die at high seas as the rickety boats ferrying them to the promised land capsize. They die nameless, faceless, away from their families and homes.

But still almost every day there is some order by some court/tribunal/board/ministry banning this or that economic activity, shutting down tens or hundreds of industrial units. And Indians have become such economic illiterates that they are not able to connect these simple two dots: that man needs work, and work is generated by factories, industries, businesses, and trade; not by government schemes; and if he can’t find work in his own country, he would try to reach where he hopes to find it.

Indian ruling elite is solely and squarely responsible for all these deaths, all these detentions, and all the misery inside India as well. The ruling elite is responsible for all the hardships nurses from Kerala face in the lawless terror zones of the Gulf. The ruling elite is responsible that Indians work in slave like conditions in the hellholes of the Gulf.

If India is set free, if economy is separated from State, if socialism is dismantled and buried at sea, our youth won’t drown at sea. They would have plenty of work here, as a million businesses would bloom.

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