A Country That Can’t Enforce Its Borders Is Not A Country Anymore

Over at frontpagemag.com, Daniel Greenfield has a piece detailing how in the name of refugee settlement, America is being allowed to be invaded silently.

Readers can immediately draw parallels as to how Eastern states in India are being overwhelmed by the virtual erasure of border with Bangladesh. This is the silent invasion, in which one day citizens wake up to discover that they have not moved, but somebody else has moved into their community and rendered the place unliveable. Leaving country to the ruling elite is an invitation to disaster everywhere. Only alert citizens keep a country safe.


“Most Americans know very little about the machinery of migration. They only notice that something is happening when their towns begin to change and their way of life begins to come apart. When they do think about immigration, their impression is of a massive howitzer cannon firing off new arrivals into major cities. Refugee resettlement however is more of a sniper rifle targeting places like Spartanburg with a limited number of arrivals that then begin to dramatically transform their host area through community organizations, localized welfare and the chain migration of families.

And then before you know it, what used to be Cedar-Riverside on the Mississippi is Little Mogadishu and what was Wilmar on the Great Northern Railway is Little Mogadishu and what was Lewiston of the mills is also another Little Mogadishu. And then eventually America becomes one big Mogadishu.” (from the article)
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