A Dhimmi Is Excoriating Europe For Not Allowing Its Destruction Fast Enough

Radha Kapoor Sharma, evidently a dhimmi, who lives in Paris, has written an edit page article in the Indian Express of today, lambasting Europe for trying to enforce its borders, and prevent entry of illegal immigrants from Middle East and North Africa.

Europe took in people from other countries in good faith, and is paying a very heavy price for doing so. European governments are responsible for first their own citizens, and is duty bound to prevent entry of those who once in, make lives of those citizens hell. This is silent invasion of Europe, and Europeans governments must stop this by using all means.

It speaks volumes about the mediocrity of Indian ruling elite, and its so called intellectuals, that they can’t see the facts staring them in the face. Radha Kapoor Sharma lives in Paris, but is apparently totally oblivious of the crisis that has engulfed Europe, the crisis that has been created by the immigrants who refuse to assimilate,  do not learn European values, and do not acquire life skills; and instead are draining host societies through welfare.

Europeans, or anybody else, do not have to pay the price of dystopia in the Middle East and North Africa. If a people can not run their own countries, it is not somebody else’s responsibility to give them fully functioning countries (which they proceed to destroy as they destroyed their own countries).



“The need of the hour is concerted European and international action. The immediate priority should be saving lives by restarting and strengthening Mare Nostrum, coupled with a severe crackdown on migrant-smugglers, ensuring their prosecution and punishment. Opening an “official humanitarian corridor”, as called for by the mayor of Catania in Sicily, to enable controlled immigration could be a first step.

However, in this era of unprecedented turmoil and conflict, Europe needs to live up to its values and open wide its doors to those whose lives are threatened by increasing the avenues of legal migration. The number of resettlement countries in Europe as well as country quotas would have to be increased and temporary migration-processingcentres set up in countries of origin and transit. Alternatives, such as Turkey’s “temporary protection regime”, which it has extended to Syrian refugees, could be explored.

And, of course, without the root causes being tackled, migrants are going to continue to consider Europe a haven. These are complex, long-term issues that extend well beyond Europe and require the involvement of the UN as well as close cooperation between allcountries of migrant origin, transit and destination.”(from the article)


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