AAP’s Free Water Bucket Taken Apart By Surjit S Bhalla

The freebie circus fails because nobody actually calculates the actual cost of the freebies being promised, much before it would fail because of corrosion of economy that it causes.

And so is with AAP’s free water promise, Great Surjit S Bhalla, writing with Prasanthi Ramakrishnan, in the Indian Express of today, shows that even the declared subsidy is meant only for the rich and the middle class, that have piped connections, and not available to the poor who are unlikely to have piped water connections.

Almost 25% population of Delhi does not have piped water supply. And they are also likely to be the poorest. The free water promised by AAP is only for the households which have piped connections.

So even the subsidy that should not have been there, will go to people it should not go to.

Article is very informative; and can be read here.