After Laying Waste To Industries Of West Bengal. CITU Is Now Moving To Stop Work And Kill Employment All Over India

According to a news report published in the Indian Express. four guards at a construction site were lynched by a mob that had come to force the workers at the site to strike. Workers at a nearby site were on strike, but workers at this site were refusing to join the strike.

Trade Union movement, a good faith movement started to keep workers from getting exploited by unscrupulous employers, was soon taken over by a Trade Union mafia all over the world. This mafia extorts money from both, the workers and employers. As the hunger of this beast is never sated, like all mafia, it soon raises the extortion amount to such a level that employers can no longer afford to pay, and shut down the factory/works itself. Thus killing the employment entirely, pushing the workers into starvation, impoverishing the area, and driving the economy back to non-industrial age.

Politicians patronise Trade Union mafia, because it gives them money and muscle both. They also fear it, as it may disrupt their hard won tenure of power.

Indian landscape is dotted by closed factories which were drained of all working capital by the extortionist trade unions. Outright violence, and murders of owners and managers are routinely used to extort the last penny from them. Workers are then left to starve, and union bosses move to new areas where factories are still working, or new ones have come up, and repeat the cycle again.

Trade Unions have completely killed factories in West Bengal, our most industrialised state at the time of Independence. They ruined the famous textile industry of Mumbai, pushing their workers into a horrible life of starvation. They have now their eyes set on areas like NOIDA, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Manesar, etc.

Need is to dismantle all labour laws, which are unconstitutional any way, and to stand up to the Trade Union mafia, instead of giving it protection of law enforcement machinery. Huge public education campaigns are needed to be run, to educate the public about true nature of Trade Unions and their bosses.

Industrialisation of India can not be left hostage to these self-serving criminals. After all, it is a matter of 125 crore lives.

(To read an article by Anang Pal Malik, describing how Modinagar, an industrial town, was destroyed by Trade Unions, click here. -Ed)