B K Vasan’s Review Of Anang Pal Malik’s Book “Corruption In India”

By B K Vasan

Everyone should read Anang Pal Malik’s book  Corruption In India.   (To download your free copy, go here.)

It is not a happy read. It will leave you shaken and deeply disturbed. It may make you wonder what anyone can do. Though Anang does devote the last two chapters to causes and solutions, the first three chapters are so powerful in thier catalogue of corruption in India that I had to read the last two chapters on their own again to get some semblance of hope.

More than anything else my respect for Anang went up by leaps and bounds! HOW does he keep such equanimity, knowing so much! It must be hard not to go out there and strangle the officials he describes!

I have dealt with corruption too but only as a way to ‘get my job done’! This is a trip that takes you into the heart of darkness.

I have a selfish reason to read this book. I wanted to speak in my video about the AAPtards using corruption as a cause to fool voters. But before speaking about it, I thought I should know more. I thought, what better way than to read this book!

Now that I know (a little), I am not sure I even want to touch this complex subject with a ten-foot pole! I knew NOTHING, before I read this book and now I am worried I know too much! Though, certainly, and thankfully, not as much as Anang!

(B K Vasan is an NRI: Ed.)