Big Words, Bigger Words; But Only Economic Illiteracy Is Evident

In an op-ed article in the Indian Express of today, three Indians, two of them based abroad, and all three academicians, have finally found out a solution to farmers’ woes: MGNREGA.

Such economic illiterates teach our children, such economic illiterates get to write op-ed in our national dailies, and such economic illiterates influence our policy making.

Such articles would be beneath contempt, not worth the time spent reading them, if they were not about the ideas that are destroying the lives of 125 crore human beings.

Socialists are coming up daily with a fresh idea to save farmers, whose lives they have destroyed, and are now causing their deaths, by the unbridled socialism of last 67 years. And because they still control media, academia, and man the ruling elite of Delhi, the Indian Deep State; therefore they are able to suppress the truth they are fully and solely responsible for all farmer deaths in India.

Read the article here.


(Read the definitive article by Anang Pal Malik on the crisis facing Indian farmers here.)