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Bihar Education, Socialism, And Corruption

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Around the end of August/beginning of September 2020, a friend wrote about Dr. Amrendra Narayan, Assistant Professor of Physics at the VKS University (a state government university) in Arrah (Bihar), who was few days ago beaten with the intention to kill him. He is out of danger now. He did his MSc from IITK and PhD from the USA, but returned home with the noble objective of improving education in Bihar.

When Robert Spencer expressed his desire to write a book on Mohammed, the founder of Islam, those who heard him advised him against doing so. He discussed the matter threadbare, and wrote the book which became a NYT bestseller. But before the book was published, he went into hiding and remains there till date. His location is always unknown, itinerary remains unknown, and he appears in public only under the guard of ex-US military personnel.
And he has done more against the menace of jihad in last 17 years than any other kafir did in last 1400 years.
The point I am trying to make is that we must solve problems, but sacrificing ourselves is normally not a solution in any case I know.
Education in Bihar is not a joke because teachers are corrupt, or because students are corrupt, or because administrators are corrupt. Education in Bihar is a joke because everybody is corrupt.
Even in 1970s, doctors in western UP used to send their children to government medical colleges in Bihar if they failed to clear CPMT in UP, because seats in government colleges of Bihar were on sale even then.
In 1970s also, JP in Bihar rose against corruption. All his चेले have become CMs and Cabinet Ministers at the Centre, but corruption has remained exactly where it was. In fact, now we know that they never wanted to eradicate corruption, they just wanted to be its presiding deity.
In fact, I said it in 2011 also when the latest Charlatan, Kejriwal, was leading our youth around the Central Vista of Delhi, exactly like the pied piper of Hamelin, and I will say it again today: Whenever somebody talks of eradicating corruption, run for your life. Unless he first talks of dismantling socialism.
Corruption is not at the root of failure of socialism. Corruption is always the first and inevitable result of socialism. Even the most honest society will become corrupt if socialism is introduced in it.
But in India, every crusader against corruption starts with the worship of socialism: “Socialism is not working because of corruption, I will eradicate corruption, and all will be fine. Schools will work, hospitals will work, government will work, Ambani Adani will be jailed, private industry will be abolished, we will all have government jobs, give me power.”
Five, ten years are lost, we sink some more in corruption, the crusader becomes a crorepati with wife in Rajya Sabha, son in Vidhan Sabha, daughter in Lok Sabha, and a bungalow here and a Farm House there, and few commercial towers here and there.
Jobs continue to disappear, in desperation, we start beating each other for Reservation. Till a new crusader emerges with a new road map to the corruption-free utopia where we will all have government jobs and Ambani Adani will no longer be contaminating our lives with those private jobs.
In the meantime, innocents with pure heart like Dr. Amrendra Narayan think they can work bottom up to transform the system, and are mostly found with the head split in some dark alley.
It is impossible to change the world. You can only change yourself. Keep your word, do your duty to your best capacity, do not take anything that you have not earned, you were not entitled to a government job, any job. Do the job that you got honestly, try to get the skills others need. And you will see that the world has changed.
You must have seen arches, in bridges, in verandahs of buildings. They are very easy to bring down, but only if you know how. There have been some very nasty accidents in demolition of arches. You go to demolish them the wrong way, and they punish you very badly.
Every problem has some very simple solution. First study the problem, the solution will automatically appear. If you want socialism to work, you are already dishonest. You want a share in others’ earnings. Dishonesty always brings misery. Even if you honestly want socialism to work. A single wrong idea, a single wrong action, can destroy a life, a society, a Civilisation, even if rest of it all is sincere and perfect.
Education in Bihar can not be improved by the idealist bright minds sacrificing themselves to the lathis of goons. It can only be improved by dismantling socialism, from Bihar, and from India, and first of all, from our minds.
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