Saturday, December 9, 2023

BJP, Do Not Touch AFSPA

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Militaries and para-militaries are trained to fight armed groups who have attacked the country from within or without.

The only aim of a military or para-military is to win the conflict, and go back to their barracks. They are trained to win the conflict in minimum possible time, and with minimum possible resources, while inflicting the maximum damage on those who attacked the country.

Militaries and para-militaries are never asked questions about their methods, nor individual members of them are answerable to any authority whatsoever regarding their conduct during the actual combat. This is because their only aim is to win the war for the country, and to win the war, they are supposed to deploy whatever force they need to, in the manner they deem fit, and are licensed to kill the enemy and break his will to fight.

This principle is so well understood that in war with the external forces, no authority has ever tried to question the security forces or take any action against individual members of them.

But in case of war with the internal enemies who wage war on the country, Courts have been too eager to jump in the troubled waters, and the Security forces themselves, though called in because police failed, are supposed to follow the procedures followed by the police. And therefore, to enable the Security forces to discharge their duties effectively, AFSPA was enacted. AFSPA partly restores protection, available to Security forces in case of war with external enemies, even when they are deployed to fight internal enemy waging war on the Country.

And therefore AFSPA is the Act most hated by the terrorist supporters, their sympathisers; and  their overt supporters in media, academia, and the activist class. These fifth columnists always try that this Act is not applied in an area, and where it is applied, it is removed at the first opportunity. Because this act enables the Security forces to smoke the terrorists.

Now, as per newspaper reports, to be in government in J&K, BJP is going to agree to its removal in some areas of J&K.

This will be the most grave betrayal by BJP of its mandate. It was elected at the Centre to rid the country of terrorists, not to hamstring the Security forces and thus enable terrorists to destroy us.

BJP should know:

1. Terrorism is not a police problem, otherwise there was no need to call paramilitary/military. It is war.

2. Paramilitary/military has to win this war, and that should be the only aim of the country, and for that the forces must be given all the resources they need, including protection against lawfare by the terrorist enablers and sympathisers.

3. Paramilitary/military did not bring the war into civilian areas, terrorists did. So they are responsible for all inconveniences/harm to civilians. If they are not defeated just because they are in civilian areas, far more civilians will die, and in far more horrible ways.

Therefore BJP, do not sell our brothers in uniform to your lust for power.

The Nation will never forgive you, if you do.

(In fact paramilitary/military must carry AFSPA with them. That is, their deployment should automatically mean that AFSPA has come into force in that area, without any need for a separate notification. After all, to repeat, they are called when it is no longer a law and order problem, but war.)


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