Brinda Karat, a Leftist wants more Socialism to solve problems created by Socialism


Brinda Karat, a CPM Polit Bureau member, has written an op-ed in today’s Indian Express, in which she says that Cuba is the country to emulate. Trouble is Cuba is a Communist prison camp. It doesn’t allow free press, freedom of speech, or political opposition. So there is no way to know whether it is indeed the utopia she claims it to be.

She discusses the anecdote of a family to make the point that people are in distress, and the government is doing nothing. Well, we can pick an example and prove any point we can. Fact is that even the family she talks of is in distress because government controls everything- from housing to businesses. If the entrepreneurs are set free from the clutches of the government, there won’t be any shortages in our cities-either of housing or of jobs. When she talks of shortage of housing, she fails to remember that we have a Rent Control Act to keep the “houses affordable for the poor.” She is not able to make the connection between the Rent Control Act and the mess in our cities. Because when prices are kept low by fiat, the thing is supplied less and demanded more. But to know that, Brinda Karat needs to read real Economics, instead of what is given in Communist Manifesto.


Read the whole article by her here.