Saturday, December 9, 2023

By Stalling Parliament, Congress Is Stalling Democracy And The Country

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In a Banana Republic, laws do not apply to those who are in power.
India is a Banana Republic. This status has been achieved through the corruption of bureaucracy. As we have repeatedly seen, bureaucracy (Income Tax, CBI, ED, Police, etc.) goes after the opponents of the Party in power. But those with the Party in power enjoy immunity to the law. This is possible only if the agencies are corrupt. No politician can ever tell bureaucrats in writing what to do and what no to do, but he can transfer individual members of it. And for a corrupt bureaucrat, a transfer makes a difference of normally tens of crores of rupees, and hundreds of crores for the enterprising ones. Therefore they are mortally afraid of transfers, and become putties in the hands of politicians in power.
Therefore for the politicians, being in power or out of it makes the difference between living like autocrats with absolute powers, and immunity to law, or living like commoners, subject to the laws of the land, in fact not to the laws of the land, but to the whims of those in power.
And therefore politicians make all efforts they can to acquire power and stay in it: from promising freebies that would bankrupt the state/country few decades hence, to granting immunity from law to the vote banks, in short doing all it takes- good or bad, legal or illegal, constitutional and unconstitutional, democratic or undemocratic.
This is also why Kejriwal is so keen to have Delhi police under him. If he knows any illegality, he can still write to Delhi Police, and there is no way Delhi Police can refuse to act. But no, he wants to have powers to issue verbal orders to Delhi Police, because that is the real power, and power is what he wants.
And that is why Congress is playing the most dangerous game: of negating a democratic mandate. By stalling parliament, it is not allowing an elected government to function, simply because what it wants is power, not the good of the country. And so long as it is out of power, it is like fish out of water, and is not going to allow the government to work.
If the government works, it may actually do some good work for the country. And that may mean it may again win in 2019. Horror for the Congress. Because Congress is just a power machine, with sole objective to win and enjoy power. The country doesn’t matter for Congress.
There are no legal cases against BJP ministers and Chief Ministers. If moral turpitude is what is alleged by Congress, it has made its point. Voters will decide the fate of BJP and its leaders. If any criminal conduct is discovered, Courts will take care of that. But to say that because we demand resignations, and therefore resignations have to materialise, otherwise government doesn’t function, is the politics of gangsterism, not of democracy, typical of all third world Banana Republics where each election only brings more street fights, not stable government, as each party wants to win power, by hook or crook, because being in or out of power makes all the difference.
If Congress thinks that it can paralyse BJP government, it is living in a bubble. People are not going to take destruction of the mandate they gave lying down.
But of course the country is going to suffer horribly as a result.

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