Land Acquisition

Of Education And Its Reform

The entire Left/Liberal/Humanist/Progressive theology when summarised is: 1. Man is a rational animal. 2. Man can be transformed into a loving, caring, productive creature who would only help his neighbours irrespective of colour, creed, Caste, language, ethnicity, would drink kool-aid

Chennai And Its Water Woes

Since the time I remember, Chennai has had water shortage. That is, at least since ’70s. There used to be talk of bringing Krishna water to Chennai during those years.Then as I went to college, friends from TN used to

The Plant In The Jungle: To Industrialise or Not To Industrialise?

Went to the interior, deep in the jungle, for official work. To the plant which is always under attack by the Leftist gang. About which Liar-in-Chief, the fake novelist writes long cover stories. 1. Villages were full of tractor-trailers and

Socialism Consumes One More Country: Venezuela

“Why can’t they eat cake?” वेनेज़ुएला के पास दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा तेल का भंडार है। वेनेज़ुएला के पास लेकिन समाजवाद भी है। जैसे समाजवादी भारत रेत ही रेत होते हुए भी रेत आयात करने की योजना बना रहा है,

Boycotting Chinese Goods

चीन का सामान मत ख़रीदो। अच्छा अभियान है। बस इतना कहना चाहेंगे कि मेरे प्यारे से देश वासी, भोले से देश वासी, देश भक्त देश वासी; रात में सोने से पहले एक बार ये ज़रूर पता करने की कोशिश करेंगे

P Sainath’s Nero’s Guests; And The Alternate Reality The Indian Left Creates For Educated Indians

(The following was written, and published on Facebook, by Anang Pal Malik on 30-09-2012, in response to P Sainath’s documentary Nero’s Guests. -Ed) V S Naipaul says that almost all novels by Indian authors are autobiographical because Indians know so

Leftists Set Sight On Doctors (Medical Care In Danger Worldwide)

डॉक्टर भगवान के रूप नही होते, वे भगवान ही होते है। हम मनुष्यों की सबसे बड़ी समस्या है कि हमारी इंद्रियाँ उसे साधारण मान लेती है जिसे वो रोज़ देखती, महसूस करती है, जैसे हवाई जहाज़। हवाई जहाज़ साधारण वस्तु

The British Loot Of India: Myths And Facts

By Anang Pal Malik Man does not realise what humungous falsehoods can be fed to him. Without distortion of a single fact, a totally false conclusion  can be arrived at, and that conclusion them can be promoted as a fact

MBAs And B Techs For Sweepers: The India The Leftists Created in 68 Years

Last year, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government of Delhi presented its first budget. The leading highlight of the budget was claimed to be the fact that the government had doubled the allocation for education. This is still used as the

The Indian Left Is Responsible For Hand-Chopping Of Indian Woman In Saudi Arabia

  In a tragic incident, hand of an Indian woman working in Saudi Arabia was chopped off by the woman whom she was working for as a maid. This happened when the woman tried to escape from the house she