“Farmers” Are The New Trade Unions (The 4.5 GDP Story)

The survey team called to say that the villagers had come and stopped the survey. “No work related to the plant X will be allowed.” They had declared. Plant X was in operation for a decade and wanted to expand. The villagers had been given fair compensation. The land where survey was planned amounted to few more double digit acres.

I ordered the team to leave the area. You hire people to do survey, not to die.

I knew that they had blown the compensation on liquor and to live a life for which they were not working. Money gone, they just wanted to extort some more.This is the story now all over India. “Farmers” can now come and stop any project for any length of time. Four times the cost, or eight times the cost, whatever one gets paid will run out someday if not invested and instead used for daily expenses of a life which only the families with high regular income can afford. Not much of a mob is required, hardly a dozen are needed to paralyse the sarkar.

Trade Unions were concentrated in West Bengal, Kerala, Mumbai, Modinagar, and Kanpur. But “farmers” are everywhere, all over India.

And the plants which escape the sights of farmers catch the fancy of NGT. Or numerous Pollution Control Boards, Or Pollution Control Authorities. Or courts. The lower courts, the higher courts, or supremely higher courts. Some time they all come together to pin down the industry.

Then there are over 150 clearances, permissions, and NOCs to obtain. Then a dozen more new Acts to comply after every parliament session.

And after all these efforts to kill Capital Creation come the never ending crop failures, and loan waiver programmes to consume the accumulated Capital. Weather was always like this, capricious. I remember many childhood summers when harvested wheat came under a heavy downpour before it could be thrashed. People used to salvage whatever they could. Or sugarcane flattened in a hailstorm. But nobody ever thought that government would or should compensate them. Suicide over crop failure? Never, never heard of that till 1980s.

Loans had disappeared by the time my generation came on the scene, because of Green Revolution. Otherwise debt was a constant of life for thousands of years. Again nobody ever thought that government would “waive” off those loans. Now the debts are back, and this time not because of the loan-sharks, but because governments waive them off every five years. Sometime sooner.

Then farmers’ children spend about ten lakhs to get an Engineering degree, only to queue for sanitary workers’ jobs. With applicants to posts ratios in the range of 1000 to 1. Population dependent on agriculture still remains above 50%. The figure is 1% for all the developed economies. Imagine the same ratio, and farmers’ income would increase 50 times in our country.

But for that farmers’ children need to be absorbed in industries, and for that farmers need to not beat up the survey teams, or not gherao an existing plant or an ongoing work to extort some more compensation. First the Leftists consumed five decades of the country, and before they were overthrown, they infected the “farmers” with a deadlier strain of the same virus. And why farmers, every time I post about the PhDs queuing up for peons’ jobs, the “economists” on social media jump in with long posts about how the “education standard” can be improved and how that will solve the problem. For at least last 15 years I am writing that industries, trade, businesses give us jobs, not our degrees. But the song never stops: “Spend more on education, and problem of unemployment will be solved.”

The Leftists with the saffron flag are as clueless today as they were during those five decades. They sincerely, most sincerely, believe that they can make Socialism work because they are honest as against those Lootians over there. Many in fact hate prosperity and believe in the ideal of a self-sufficient village populated by the subsistence farmers.

Chile, Columbia, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran…….. media doesn’t tell you. Hungry mobs are burning cities everywhere. France, and Europe, is now relatively quiet. Because it has no unemployed youth because it actually has no youth. The “youth” it is importing are not interested in jobs. Welfare does it for them. Nobody can control a hungry mob. Not even the man who has almost wiped out terrorism and scrapped the 370, and is about to give the long cherished grand temple. Did he not hear the age old wisdom of his own countrymen: भूखे पेट भजन न होत गोपाला………

Knowing all this, even now one can survive only by numbing the mind. But I doubt even a numb mind will be able to withstand the catastrophe of the return of the Lootians. Because next time they come, they will come to tip us over. राम भली करे।

Delhi Pollution: The City Of Loot Is Choking On Its Loot

As cooking gas cylinders have reached villages, people now in the villages may not see the smoke. But those of us who grew up in North Indian villages till 1980s can easily recall the smoke, thick smoke, that hung over the village, and visible to anybody approaching it, in the evenings of December and January.
The living organisms from single cell to complex Homo Sapiens “pollute” their surroundings just by being alive. But the surroundings have power to restore themselves. Wind blows and the foul air gets replaced by fresh air. River flows and self-cleanses.
But both, the wind and the flowing water, have a certain self-cleansing capacity. Pollutants exceeding this limit overwhelm wind and flowing water.
In winter months, earth is colder and so is air in contact with it. So, it doesn’t rise, and so doesn’t blow. So smoke generated by Homo Sapiens stays longer.
Cities enable division of labour, and therefore they always grow. But division of labour also needs trade, and trade by shipping is the cheapest. Therefore big cities all over the world tend to be on the sea coast or close to big water bodies or large rivers.
Before Independence, our biggest cities were coastal cities. Coastal cities have always fast blowing winds.
The Brits left in 1947, and the charlatans of the Left took over. India of interiors started turning uninhabitable, unliveable. But the looters lived in Delhi because it was the capital. They had to keep its law and order and other services running, for their own sake. Businesses need rule of law and safety, so they also started converging on Delhi. As the jobs moved to Delhi, it started growing. That created even more jobs, so it grew even more, and faster.
Wind lost its capacity to supply fresh air to Delhi. Wind got overwhelmed by the looting windbags.
Matter has been made worse by the fact that Delhi is located at the edge of a desert that practically extends to Sahara.
Looters who thought that they can destroy India and enjoy cool retired life in Delhi are now choking. They blame cars, they blame Diwali crackers, but actually they are choking on their loot.
Delhi had no business to grow this large. And had Indian ruling elite been honest and economically literate, Delhi would have never grown to this size. Cities grow on the coasts. Not inland. If the country is governed well. Otherwise everybody tries to huddle close to the guards of the looting elite. At least it is safe there.
There is no solution to Delhi’s pollution. Let the thugs choke, quicker. May be then we will be economically set free, and our taxes will be used to create rule of law all over India.


प्रोफ़ेसर, ऐक्टिविस्ट, मनरेगा, फ़ूडसिक्यरिटी ऐक्ट, व दिल्ली का प्रदूषण

1. प्रोफ़ेसर व ऐक्टिविस्ट ने हंगामा किया कि लोग भूखे मर रहे है, उन्हें अनिवार्यत रोज़गार दो। तो मनरेगा नाम के फ़्रॉड का जन्म हुआ। प्रोफ़ेसर व ऐक्टिविस्ट ने फिर हंगामा किया कि लोग अभी भी भूखे मर रहे है तो फ़ूड सिक्यरिटी ऐक्ट नाम की मुफ़्तखोरी का जन्म हुआ। कुछ लोग भूखे अवश्य रहते थे भारत में लेकिन वे दूर उड़ीसा व उससे लगे उन एरीया में भूखे रहते थे जहाँ सिंचाई व्यवस्था व कृषि योग्य भूमि दोनो कम थे। हल ये था कि सिंचाई व्यवस्था की जाती व उद्योग लगते जिससे कि भूमि पर निर्भरता कम हो जाती। लेकिन प्रोफेसर व ऐक्टिविस्ट ये भी कहते है उद्योग लोगों का शोषण करते है इसलिए उन्होंने चलते हुए उद्योग भी बंद करा दिए। इसलिए सरकार के पास सिंचाई योजना के लिए भी पैसा नहीं रहा जो उद्योगों पर टैक्स से आता।

2. प्रोफेसर व ऐक्टिविस्ट ने हंगामा किया कि पंजाब में भूजलस्तर कम हो रहा है। हल ये था कि हिमाचल में बाँध बनाकर पाकिस्तान में बह जाने वाला पानी रोका जाता। लेकिन प्रोफेसर व ऐक्टिविस्ट बाँध के घोर विरोधी है। इसलिए सरकार ने आदेश दिया कि पंजाब में धान की फ़सल 15 जून से पहले नहीं बोयी जा सकती।

3. तो पंजाब, हरियाणा, व पश्चिमी उत्तरप्रदेश में भी मनरेगा व फ़ूड सिक्यरिटी ऐक्ट लागू हुए। पहले धान की कटाई मज़दूर करते थे। वे ज़मीन से दराती मिलाकर धान काटते थे। कोई stubble (पराली) रहता ही नहीं था। फ़सल सितम्बर तक ही कट चुकी होती थी। गेंहु के लिए खेत तैयार रहता था। लेकिन मुफ़्त खाने को मिलेगा व दारू के लिए मनरेगा का पैसा अलग से तो कोई क्यूँ मज़दूरी करेगा? मज़दूर नहीं रहे तो किसान हार्वस्टर लेकर आये। हार्वस्टर एक फ़ुट का stubble छोड़ता है व फ़सल भी अब ऑक्टोबर के अंत में कटती है। अतः stubble भी रहता है व अगली फ़सल बोनी है तो उसे जलाना भी पड़ता है।

4. प्रोफेसर स्वयं एक पान की दुकान लगा कर चला नहीं सकते है। लेकिन स्वयं को इतना ज्ञानी मानते है कि कहते है देश उन्हें चलाने दिया जाय। व ऐक्टिविस्ट को समस्या ढूँढने के भी पैसे मिलते है व समस्या के हल के लिए जो योजना बनती है उसमें भी उनका हिस्सा रहता है। नेता व नौकरशाह का तो lifeblood ही योजना है।
लेकिन जो लोग प्रोफेसर व ऐक्टिविस्ट को अपना देश चलाने देते है उनके देश का भी विनाश होता है व वे स्वयं भी धुन्वें में घुटते है।

Destroying IITs….By Creating More IITs

A graduate of one of the top IITs has recently joined Railways as a group D (that is, class IV, before it was renamed) employee.
Some bright mind realised that IIT graduates get jobs. Top paying jobs. And so let us open more and more of IITs. And the madness started in right earnest. Madness that gets only more acute as the years go by. Earlier a new IIT was announced every year, now a new IIT is announced every month.
Right at that time I cried and shouted that IITs do not give us jobs. Somebody’s business, industry, trade, and enterprise give us jobs. Research does not create businesses, businesses instead fund and drive research. But loonies are not known to listen. In fact, as they were opening more IITs, they were also strangulating industries and businesses: a most stupid Land Acquisition Act, NGT, more stringent “environmental” laws, more regulations, killing mining, cancelling mining lease, withdrawing already granted environmental and forest clearances to mining, destroying Vedanta, chasing POSCO out of India, chasing Nokia out of India, shutting down industries in hundreds every few months for “pollution.” Increasing taxes, piling on even more regulations, granting license to mobs to block any project…..
And to look even more benevolent, they announced education loans also so that those who do not get into government colleges, can get into private colleges and pile up debt on their families. Private colleges which were opening by dozens every week.
And so, now we have IIT graduates as group D employees.
IITs do not give us jobs. Somebody’s business, industry, trade, and enterprise give us jobs.
Size of economy decides how many graduates of which stream it needs. Not the colleges dispensing degrees. It is simple arithmetic. Nobody has ever defeated mathematics. Nobody.
And following the age old law of demand and supply, this flood of new graduates has lowered wages and prospects for even those who have been in jobs 5, 10, 15, 20 years. If a business can have five graduates in half the salary it is paying to a guy with 20 years of service, why waste money.
The madness of more IITs is destroying lives left, centre, and right. But our ruling class has gone blind and deaf.
Now they say that they will open a medical college in every district. Doctors will soon be seen in queues to become compounders and nurses.
Every society, every nation, every Civilisation was destroyed by those within, those who thought that they deserved more than what they got.
We are only creating a seething mass, full of hatred and anger, of highly qualified men and women. All dressed up in convocation gowns, but nowhere to go.

The Reality Of Japanese Boycott Of Imported Goods

Every now and then posts appear on social media praising Japanese with claims that they do not buy anything foreign. Ok, let us see what exactly they buy:

Mineral fuels including oil: US$174.6 billion (23.3% of total imports)
Electrical machinery, equipment: $101 billion (13.5%)
Machinery including computers: $72.9 billion (9.7%)
Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $27.6 billion (3.7%)
Pharmaceuticals: $25.5 billion (3.4%)
Vehicles: $24.6 billion (3.3%)
Ores, slag, ash: $22.4 billion (3%)
Organic chemicals: $18.2 billion (2.4%)
Plastics, plastic articles: $16.9 billion (2.3%)
Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet): $14.7 billion (2%)

These are only top ten commodities they buy. 
So Japanese do buy a lot of finished goods from abroad. 25% of their imports are from China, a sworn old enemy, and 14% are from the US, the country that nuked them.

Fact is, a country not importing what is cheaper from abroad is only impoverishing itself. “Boycott” of foreign goods does not work in a free country. And no country can import from abroad till it exports some goods of equal value.
Here lies the choice: a country can export minerals, or value added goods. To export value added goods, the country must be enterprising, and must leave its entrepreneur free. It must have a free market, and rule of law. It must have sanctity of contracts, and sanctity of private property. Its ruling class must be honest, not thieving, and people must be hard working, not drunkards and अफ़ीमचीं and मुफ़्तखोर.

How free are our entrepreneurs? Well a sample of what compliances they have to file. 
They have to file certificates that they have complied with:
Employees’ Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act,
Minimum Wages Act,
Payment of Wages Act, 
Payment of Bonus Act, 
Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 
Apprentices Act, 
Employees’ State Insurance Act, 
Payment of Gratuity Act, 
Any other Law Applicable to the Company
Shop and Establishment Act
Any other State Laws applicable to the Company
That all the statutory payments, returns/forms required to be filed under the above laws, rules & regulations have been duly filed and there is no default whatsoever;
Maintained proper registers, records, documents and books and filed proper returns, forms and statements and furnished necessary particulars to the relevant authorities.
Above is just a sample of insanity that is called governance in India. Do we require citizens that they should file yearly compliance with Indian Penal Code? A certificate that “during the year I did not kill anybody nor looted anybody?” We prescribe laws, and we spell out punishments, and only if some crime comes to notice we take action.
So why do we require businessmen to file hundreds of “returns?’

(Every return costs money and time.)

And then we have passed a most stupid Land Acquisition Act that has rendered most of the new projects unviable.

And then we cry why we are not getting jobs.

Boycott of Chinese goods will not give us jobs. Only setting the market free will give us jobs.

Of Education And Its Reform

The entire Left/Liberal/Humanist/Progressive theology when summarised is:

1. Man is a rational animal.

2. Man can be transformed into a loving, caring, productive creature who would only help his neighbours irrespective of colour, creed, Caste, language, ethnicity, would drink kool-aid with them, and sing kumbaya everyday in the evening.

3. If he is not like above, it is because of the institutions, and lack of education.

4. So reform the institutions of governance, and educate everybody.

And so, all the time you hear this non-stop music: reform and educate, reform and educate, reform and educate.

But somehow, even after passing all the progressive laws and packing every institution with the progressives, and ensuring 100% education, man remains greedy, selfish, self-centred. Wars do not stop, crime does not stop, poverty doesn’t go anywhere. They have tried 100% education, 100% graduation, (in countries like Russia, Japan, and all the countries of the west, and even our own Kerala). And they themselves have been in power in these and many countries. But utopia they promised hasn’t materialised.

Reality is actually different:

1. Men do not cooperate for free.

2. They exchange their produce.

3. Division of labour increases productivity as proved by Ricardo mathematically.

4. Nobody knows who should do what. Nobody knows who should be the doctor, who his compounder, and who the sweeper of the clinic. But if everybody is set free, they somehow settle into this or that profession.

5. Nobody knows what should be the value of a product or service or what should be the wages in a given profession, as shown by Carl Manger in his Marginal Utility theory.

6. So, if a society is set free, with State there keeping order and enforcing contracts, the society becomes progressively richer, over decades and centuries, as more and more division of labour takes place.

7. But if State starts interfering in the trade and commerce and industry, economy starts declining, people again start passing into poverty.

8. Education helps in gaining skills what others are ready to pay for. But we do not know what skills are required in what quantity. So, if left alone, people automatically educate themselves to the extent it adds to their productivity.In advanced economies, problem starts when some people educate themselves and nobody is ready to buy their skills. They become the malcontents.

Left/Liberal/Humanist/Progressive thugs enter into picture, and using these malcontents, start threatening revolution again. Those in power then bring out the claim that if the educated are not getting the job, it means education is not proper, let us reform it. Music again starts: reform the education, reform the education, reform the education.

In reality, education never gives us jobs. Only somebody’s business, industry, trade, commerce give us jobs. Even government jobs are made possible by private business and trade only.

And what we are doing to promote business and industry?If an existing (existing, not new) steel plant or an aluminium plant wants to increase its capacity from say 2 MT to 4 MT, it needs 150 clearances (hundred and fifty), and counting.

That is the only reform we need. We need to set the business, industry, trade, and commerce free.

And to the “educated unemployed,” we need to give the heartbreaking news that it was never agreed in the social compact that if you acquired a degree, your neighbours will arrange a desk/supervisory job for you. But yes, if you stop supporting the Leftist thugs, your chances of such a job would indeed increase.

We do not realise that what is true for an individual may not be true for the country/society as a whole.

For example, suppose we divert entire budget to education and open enough IITs and AIIMS so that every Indian is either an IIT or AIIMS graduate, will they get jobs matching with their degrees?

Chennai And Its Water Woes

Since the time I remember, Chennai has had water shortage. That is, at least since ’70s. There used to be talk of bringing Krishna water to Chennai during those years.Then as I went to college, friends from TN used to narrate the “shortage and water rationing” in Chennai. As water table in our village was between 5m and 10m at the time, I could never imagine that something like water can ever be in short supply. Then I was taught Hydrology as part of the curriculum and I realised that all water shortages are manmade, or more exactly, are because man failed to have manmade arrangements.

In spite of all the chest beating by Environmentalist thugs, we are not short of water. And will never be. Only problem is that water is not where it should be, or it is there when we don’t need it, and not there when we actually need it. So all we need is water storage and water distribution networks. That is dams, and canals. Mention dam and canals, and see the Environmentalists go crazy, tear their hair out, frothing at mouth, refusing to eat, and rushing to courts which are only too happy to look good and saviours of the “environment,” and promptly grant the stay. Now the Environmentalists have their own court: NGT.

And so it is. Farmers in Vidarbh hang themselves as crops fail. TN and Karnataka are on the verge of full scale war every summer. I am sure if given tanks, there would be invasion of Chennai and Bengaluru by tomorrow morning. And all this while, over 3500 mm of rainfall in the Western Ghats flows back to sea within hours of rains. All this water can be dammed and pumped to Vidarbha and TN, and of course to Chennai.This has actually been done by many countries in similar situation. Water is dammed on the rain side of the mountain range and pumped to the rainshadow side.

But for this to happen, first India will have to regain freedom from the Environmentalist mafia, and secondly, India will have to teach its politicians not to win elections using freebies. Water schemes need money. Our states do not have money. They do not allow industries to be set up, so they do not earn tax revenue, and whatever revenue they get, they use on freebies to win elections. Tamil Nadu pioneered freebies-for-vote schemes. It even gives TVs for votes. And Tamil Nadu also suffers acute water shortage. It is not just a coincidence.

When we vote for the freebies, we do not realise that the money so diverted will not be available for essential government functions like roads, schools, hospitals, and water supply & sewage disposal systems. Women of Delhi who would enjoy the free rides granted by Kejriwal will surely spend money so saved on water tankers, and money in terms of time in having to get up early to fill those buckets before taps go dry for the day.

Rajasthan struck bonanza in a new oil field. Gehlot promptly enacted some more freebies, instead of creating water storage and distribution systems for a state with a low rainfall. We only pay for the freebies we get in exchange of our votes, and in many deadlier ways than we imagine.

Do you remember Gujarat, the state with recurrent droughts? Have you heard of a drought in Gujarat after Sardar Sarovar Dam? And do you remember the fierce campaign against the dam? That is what water storage and distribution system achieves.

And a bigger crisis is also looming. Water table in the agricultural belts of Punjab and Western UP are falling rapidly. But the Environmentalist mafia is not allowing dams in the Himalayas, which would both recharge the aquifers and replace well irrigation with canal irrigation. When the hungry and thirsty population of these areas would invade Delhi, Environmentalists and Milords would have no alternative but to flee to Europe, if they manage to reach the airport, of course.

The Plant In The Jungle: To Industrialise or Not To Industrialise?

Went to the interior, deep in the jungle, for official work.
To the plant which is always under attack by the Leftist gang. About which Liar-in-Chief, the fake novelist writes long cover stories.
1. Villages were full of tractor-trailers and motorcycles. Tractors not for farming. There was hardly any farming. It was a hilly terrain. All the tractors were used for various jobs in the plant. Plant goes, so will go the tractors. Life will be back to thousand year old pattern of near starvation.
2. The guest house was full of fresh Graduate Trainee Engineers. GTEs, they called them. All were locals. Not from the nearby villages, but from the state where the plant is. No plant, all will have to compete with folks from the states two generations ahead, in the big bad metros. Many were girls. Fleeing dowry. Ending up deep in the jungle. Because social justice messiahs have made sure that India doesn’t industrialise. So you go where the jobs are. Even deep in the jungle. Will they appreciate that the guy being demonised in the media has given them jobs at least in their own state? Or they also think him as the exploiter?
3. Sky was clear blue. The kind you see in Europe and America. Air was clear, fresh. Though we were next to the big bad plant. Milords should relocate here. They won’t then bother Delhi daily. But they will instead shut down the plant here, and all the workers and GTEs will be forced to migrate to Delhi, making it more crowded, making it impossible for the air to clean itself. Environment has self-cleansing power, till it is overwhelmed by the load of pollution. Like Delhi has been. Because plants in the hinterland were shut down- by union mafia, by politicians, by Leftist gang out to kill our industrialisation.
4. Plans were to expand plant to triple its present capacity. Have been scaled down to double. “Land acquisition is not possible,” they tell me. And I wish I had a machine gun to shoot the entire lootian mafia. Land can not be acquired here??! Where it is just lying useless like that? I knew. I remembered the thugs have passed a new Act. Then I also remembered that I do not support violence.
5. Plant was full of life. People were on the move. Going to work. Coming back. Right inside the gate was a temple. I felt reassured. Outside the gate were shops, taxis, autos, all manned by local villagers. Plant goes, all will go back to starvation. Or will move to slums in Delhi. All group C and D staff from the nearby towns and villages.
6. Two hours after the nightfall, we started for the station. Main road had traffic, inspite of the Red Terror. And safe also. Women were moving freely in every village we crossed. A procession was chanting Hare Ram Hare Krishna. So there is still hope. Leftist gang is not as powerful as media makes it. Or it makes itself. Because, after all, it is media also.
7. So, what was the take away? Did the plant brought life to the jungle, or destroyed the serenity? We will never know. Because we will never know whether the local talking to us is rice-baggy, or genuine. We will never know whether they wanted the plant or not. Plant may indeed shutdown. Leftist gang has already made mining and land acquisition impossible.
8. May be they wanted to be left alone like Sentinelese, as the fake novelist claims. As lootian mafia claims. But then Sentinelese have also never demanded free rice, free food, free school, mid-day meal, free housing, free healthcare. They do not even want vote, to elect those who promise free stuff. And they do not allow soul-vultures to come close.
Leftist mafia claims that the people in the villages around the plant need all of the above free stuff, but plant must not be there. How the two are possible simultaneously they never tell us.
9. As I boarded the train, I wondered how easily the reality can be faked. The news consumers actually believe that bulldozers are actually crushing the villagers and their homes in that jungle. And here, in reality, villagers drive the bulldozers, and make better homes with the resulting earnings.
Again I felt a strong desire to have a machine gun. Then told myself that violence never solves any problem. And unpacked my dinner. It was beautiful packed, unlike the city take-aways, and very tasty. In my mind I thanked the boys in the kitchen of the guest house. I had talked to them. They were from nearby villages.

Socialism Consumes One More Country: Venezuela

“Why can’t they eat cake?”
वेनेज़ुएला के पास दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा तेल का भंडार है।
वेनेज़ुएला के पास लेकिन समाजवाद भी है।
जैसे समाजवादी भारत रेत ही रेत होते हुए भी रेत आयात करने की योजना बना रहा है, कोयले का दुनिया में सबसे बड़े भंडार में से एक होते हुए भी कोयला आयात करता है, लोहे का दुनिया के सबसे बड़े भंडार में से एक होते हुए भी लोहा आयात करता है, वैसे ही वेनेज़ुएला भी तेल होते हुए भी बर्बाद हो गया है।
कल लोग वेनेज़ुएला की राजधानी में एक बेकरी से ब्रेड लूटने गए थे, दरवाजा तोड़ते हुए बिजली का तार भी नंगा हो गया और करेंट लगने से आठ लोग मार्क्स को प्यारे हो गए।
इतने ही लोग मदुरो (समाजवादी राष्ट्रपति) के गुंडो ने मार डाले। जी, मदुरो ने अपनी “पार्टी” के कार्यकर्ताओ को अधिकारिक तौर पर हथियार बाँट दिए है, जैसे की इटली वाली कोंग्रेसीयों को दे देती, या अखिलेश समाजवादी गुंडो को दे देता, या केजरी अपने “volunteers” को दे दे। या जैसे बंगाल व केरल में मार्क्स चाचा के भतीजों के पास होते है।
जो लोग भूख के मारे अनाज लूटने निकलते है उन्हें मदुरो के गुंडे मारते है।
नरसिम्हा राव ने होते तो 1991 में हम लोग भी ऐसे ही एक दूसरे को काट कर खा रहे होते।
समाजवाद में नौकरशाह व राजनेता कल्पना से परे धनवान हो जाते है। उनके लिए चारा भी धन उगलता है व रेत भी। भारत के नेताओं व नौकरशाहों के पास, हरेक के पास, हज़ारों करोड़ की सम्पत्ति है।
इनहि के चमचे उद्योगपति बन जाते है। पत्रकार भी हिस्सा पाने लगते है व राग दरबारी गाना शुरू कर देते है।
जनता सस्ती दाल व सरकारी चपरासी व सिपाही की नौकरी के लालच में सत्ता सौंपती रहती है एक या दूसरे समाजवादी गैंग को।
कौन समझाए जनता को?
नेता नही समझाएगा, नौकरशाह नही समझाएगा, अभिनेता को पता नही और सरकार से पंगा कौन ले, आयकर वालों को भेज देगी। शिक्षित स्वयं समझते है कि सरकार नौकरी दे, सरकार वेतन तय करे निजी क्षेत्र में भी, सरकार निजी स्कूलो की फ़ीस तय करे, निजी अस्पतालों की फ़ीस तय करे, दवाईयो के दाम तय करे।
अरे भाई यही तो समाजवाद है…………..
जैसे आठ दृष्टिहीन व्यक्ति हाथी के शरीर को अलग अलग छूकर हर तरह के निष्कर्ष निकालते है सिवाय इसके कि वे एक हाथी को छू रहे है, वैसे ही भारत (व अन्य देशों) के शिक्षित ये मानने को तैयार नही कि समाजवाद के विभिन्न कार्यक्रमों का जोड़ हमेशा समाजवाद ही होता है और समाजवाद का अंत हमेशा देश के दिवाले में होता है, जैसे 1989 में रूस दिवालिया हुआ, 1991 में भारत हुआ, 2008 में ग्रीस हुआ, और अब वेनेज़ुएला हो गया है। बहुत सारे देश है जो दिवाला निकलने से एकदम पहले थोड़ा सा संभल गए किसी नरसिम्हा राव जैसे नेता की वजह से और जनता समाजवाद की तार्किक पराकाष्ठा नही देख पायी।
लाखों करोड़ों लोग भूखमरी में जी रहे है, बीमारी में मर रहे है, समाजवाद से जो माफ़िया राज उत्पन्न होता है उस हिंसा में मर रहे है, लेकिन शिक्षित भी कुछ सीखने को तैयार नही है, professors भी कभी सच नही बोलते, नौकरशाह जिन्हें पता भी है कि क्या लूट चल रही है और क्या बर्बादी हो रही है वे भी नौकरी जाने के डर से चुप है। या सभी नौकरशाहो की तरह मानते है कि समस्या का समाधान थोड़े और पद व कुछ और योजनाए है, और कौन नेता ये मान सकता है कि सरकार हर समस्या का समाधान नही है?
फ़्रान्स की रानी केक खिलाना चाहती थी भूखों को; समाजवादी उन्हें योजनाए खिलाते है। लेकिन पता नहीं क्यूँ, हर योजना चमत्कारी रूप से केवल नेता, नौकरशाह, उनके चमचे उद्योगपति, पत्रकार, व प्रोफ़ेसर की ही तिजोरी भरती है।
और मानव इतना निकृष्ट जीव है कि अपने career व अपनी सम्प्न्न्ता के लिए करोड़ों लोगों को मौत के मुहँ में धकेल स्कॉच पीने बैठ सकता है।
ये हमने कल भी लिखा था। कल भी लिखेंगे। बदलेगा कूछ नही। हमारे शिक्षित पढ़ाकू मित्र भी रोज़ घंटो बहस कर लेंगे लेकिन अर्थशास्त्र की तीन किताबें नही पढ़ेंगे।
और फिर माँग करेंगे कि बच्चो को सरकारी नौकरी दे सरकार………और उससे भी पहले निजी स्कूल को बच्चो की फ़ीस बढ़ाने से रोके।

Boycotting Chinese Goods

चीन का सामान मत ख़रीदो।
अच्छा अभियान है।
बस इतना कहना चाहेंगे कि मेरे प्यारे से देश वासी, भोले से देश वासी, देश भक्त देश वासी; रात में सोने से पहले एक बार ये ज़रूर पता करने की कोशिश करेंगे कि भारत के बाज़ार चीन के सामान से पटे क्यूँ पड़े है।
क्या भारत में मज़दूरी ज़्यादा है? आख़िर ग़रीब तो हम ज़्यादा है, कम पैसे में तो मज़दूर यहाँ काम करने को राज़ी होंगे।
क्या भारत में कच्चा माल महँगा है? भला दिये में ऐसा कौन सा कच्चा माल लगता है, या प्लास्टिक के खिलोने में, या एस्कलेटर में, या टॉर्च में, जो भारत में ही नही है?
क्या भारत में यातायात महँगा है? चीन का सामान भी तो बंदरगाह के बाद उसी यातायात के साधनो से हम तक पहुँचता है।
तो? फिर भारत में ही चीन से सस्ता सामान क्यूँ नही बनता?
आख़िर चीन से चले सामान में तो फ़ैक्टरी से वहाँ के बंदरगाह फिर समुद्र के जहाज़ और फिर हमारे सड़क या रेल परिवहन तक का लदान, उतरान, व यातायात की क़ीमत अलग होती है, बनिस्बत उसके जो सामान हमारे यहाँ बने।
तो सस्ती दाल, मुफ़्त पानी, मुफ़्त बिजली के लिए वोट बेचने वाले मेरे देशभक्त देशवासियों, जो सामान चीन में बनता है वो हमारे यहाँ इसलिए नही बनता क्यूँकि हमारे श्रम क़ानून, हमारे औद्योगिक क़ानून, हमारे न्यायालय, व हमारे समाज का भरस्टाचार, जो समाजवाद से पैदा हुआ है, इन सब ने हमारे यहाँ सामान बनाना महँगा ही नही, मूर्खता पूर्ण काम बना दिया है।
एक फ़ैक्टरी लगाओ, 56 सरकारी निरीक्षक आपका ख़ून चूसने स्ट्रॉ पाइप लेकर पहुँच जाएँगे। NCR के औद्यिगिक क्षेत्रों में 1 KW का कनेक्शन लेने के लिए 5000 रुपए रिश्वत देनी पड़ती है। याने आपकी फ़ैक्टरी को 1000KW का कनेक्शन चाहिए तो निकालो 50 लाख रुपए।नाक रगड़ो अलग से। और उसके बाद NGT फ़ैक्टरी पर ताला लगा दे तो यमुना ब्रिज पर खड़े होकर सोचो की इतनी ऊँचाई से कूदने पर जान जाएगी या नही।
और व्यापारी? उसकी तो मुख्य आय है टैक्स चोरी से। तो टैक्स चोरी करने ही है तो माल चाहे यहाँ बने या चीन क्या फ़र्क़ पड़ता है। बाक़ी सूद भी तो हइये ही है।
फ़ैक्टरी यहाँ लगती तो आपके बेटे को रोज़गार मिलता। आपकी बेटी को नौकरी पेशा वर मिलता।
पर आप तो जी उसे वोट देंगे जो कहता घूम रहा है कि आपका क़र्ज़ माफ़ करेगा। आप ये तो नही पूछेंगे उस से कि क़र्ज़ हुआ क्यूँ। और फिर आप से वो सब लूट भी लेगा currency inflation से जो महँगाई बढ़ेगी उसके द्वारा। 2009 में भी तो आपके क़र्ज़े माफ़ किए थे उसने। उसके बाद आप अमीर हुए या और ग़रीब हो गए? नौकरी मिली आपके बेटे को? जितने के उसने क़र्ज़ माफ़ किए थे उतने तो आपका बेटा एक साल के वेतन में कमा लेता।
वामपंथी ने कैसे आपका जीवन नष्ट किया है अगर आपको पता होता तो दिल्ली राज्य में एक वामपंथी वोट बैंक मैनेजर को ना चुनते आप।
अगर अपने पुरखो का ज्ञान ही याद रखते तो आपको याद होता कि कमा कर ही खा सकते है, ख़ाली बैठा कर तो कोई राजा भी किसी को नही खिला सकता।
अर्थशास्त्र तो पढ़ेंगे नही आप, पढ़ते तो आपको पता होता कि स्वदेशी ख़रीदने के अभियान बहुत देशों ने चलाए, अमरीका तक ने, कभी सफल नही हुए इतिहास में।
एक ही तरह से विदेशी सामान को पीट सकते है आप: अपने यहाँ उस से सस्ता सामान बना कर।
अगर नही बना पा रहे है तो केवल और केवल उन क़ानूनों की वजह से जो होने ही नही चाहिए।

P Sainath’s Nero’s Guests; And The Alternate Reality The Indian Left Creates For Educated Indians

(The following was written, and published on Facebook, by Anang Pal Malik on 30-09-2012, in response to P Sainath’s documentary Nero’s Guests. -Ed)

V S Naipaul says that almost all novels by Indian authors are autobiographical because Indians know so little beyond their immediate family. They observe nothing, read nothing about their own communities, their own country, and their own history. When they get chance to travel, they are so absorbed that they are not able to observe the train coach they are travelling in. He quoted Gandhi’s writing on his travels to England and showed that all the time Gandhi was talking to himself in his head instead of observing the people and places he was visiting.
And that is how this agrarian crisis, or Farmer Suicides, has become such an in thing with the urban educated Indians. Because they know nothing about India, beyond their homes and close relatives.
I don’t know whether Sainath ever read Premchand or saw the movie Mother India because Hindi is not his mother tongue. If he had read, or read and contemplated, he would have known that indebtedness of farmers in India has been one constant at least in many centuries before Independence, period of which Premchand wrote.
And no, I did not come to know about farmer indebtedness through these sources. I know it firsthand. I am son of a farmer, born and brought up in a village located just 100 km from Delhi. I grew up hearing the stories of farmer indebtedness in my own family, in our village, and in the area around; during the time of just one to two generations ago. How that changed?

In 1933, a “Capitalist” set up a sugarcane mill in the nearby town. Farmers who till then used to crush sugarcane in bullock driven crushers in villages and making ‘gur’ and selling it in the mandis in the same town, started supplying the cane to the mill instead. Prices and payments both became more certain. People from nearby villages got employment in the factory, decreasing number of dependents on the land. People could buy tractor trailers to deliver cane to the mill. A large number of people started making trailers and repairing tractors. Soon, more mills came up and my district is now one of the richest rural districts in India. With Independence came the electricity and tubewells. In 1950s was set up the first tubewell in our village. Now number of tubewells in my village are beyond counting. As a rule, we raise three crops each year, totally independent of rainfall. Earlier there was one rajbaha (small branch canal) for the village serving about 30% of village land and for the rest it was bullock driven rahats. Rahats disappeared four decades ago and two decades ago SC ruled that Yamuna water belongs to Haryana and so that rajbaha is also dry since then. Muzaffarnagar, my district boasts of a very high literacy rate and a very large number of engineers and doctors, majority children of the farmers, yours truly included.
And landless? No they did not starve to death with all these technological inputs. They are no longer landless labourers either. No village resident in my village except those who actually own land works in farms. They all work in small industry and construction projects in nearby towns and earn twice to thrice of farm wages. For farm work earlier farmers used to get labour from eastern UP. Now people from eastern UP have moved to non-farm work in cities. (Those watchmen you find everywhere in malls and at Toll booths). Then they used to come from Bihar. That also stopped for the same reason. Now entire farm labour in my village and district and all districts nearby, comes from West Bengal and Orissa.
No, farm indebtedness did not come with reforms of 1991. Reforms to whatever extent they were allowed by the assorted armies of Socialist politicians, “activists”, NGOs, communists, and bureaucrats who all only actually benefit from the Socialism, have actually reduced farm indebtedness.
Tubewell irrigation was what made farmers independent of rains in my area.
Norman Barlaug introduced, in association with Pantnagar University (a University set up and funded by the evil Americans, by the way), my own University, introduced newly developed high yield varieties of wheat, raising yield two to three times.
A sugarcane mill gave an assured market, assured payments to cane growers.
All this resulted in people getting education and moving to other vocations reducing dependents on land.
Industrialization and better crops and a market did not ruin us. It gave us everything we have and made farm indebtedness a distant memory in the region.
Just till 1950, every few years we Indians used to die in millions like flies because of droughts. Now droughts do not lead to mass deaths, with no assistance from foreign country, India feeds its 120 crore people even in worst spells of droughts.
Coming back to Sainath. He repeats all the Left lies in the video and gets ready confirmation by ‘interviewing’ suitable people. I will discuss some here:
1) His contention, Rural Maharashtra has 8 hour power cuts, Mumbai has none, so no irrigation leading to farmer suicide. Facts instead, power cuts in rural Maharashtra actually range from 12 to 16 hours daily. But no power cuts in Mumbai, the industrial power house of India, are not responsible for that. Whenever a power plant in Maharashtra is proposed (or anyhwre in India, for that matter) whether it is coal based, gas based, hydro or nuclear, Comrades of Sainath go berserk with claims of mass displacement, pollutions , MNCs takeover, etc., etc., etc….and project more often than not is shelved. Without power plants how do we have electricity I don’t know. If Sainath knows, he may please enlighten us.
2) Left ownership of education has produced a mathematically challenged and economically illiterate generation who fall for all fraudulent claims of mass displacement. No development work except Dams involves acquisition of residential land, and dam oustees are always settled on the periphery of reservoir. Development work brings jobs and prosperity to the villages themselves; stopping migration to cities. Recently when strike in Maruti Manesar was broken, villagers in the area distributed sweets because they knew that with factory open again, jobs and prosperity would not move to Gujarat. Let Sainath give me addresses of villages where bulldozers have flattened villages to make way for factory forcing people to flee. I would like to verify. The phoney interviews with displaced people sitting in the back of trucks would not do.
3) What does he want to prove by showing what those idiotic celebrities and the dumb children of the rich say? That that is how India thinks of its unfortunate ones? Bollywood represents me? I never knew. As for the children of the Rich, they have been such dumbs at least since the time of Roman Empire (earlier records are not available). Hundred and twenty crore people of India do not think like those children of the Rich.
4) So the Mumbai stock market is responsible for farmer suicides? There are countries with no stock markets- Afghanistan, Somalia, Cuba, N Korea. Sainath can move into any of them and live happily ever after. As I said earlier crushing farm indebtedness was there much before world ever heard of a stock exchange.
As for Chomsky and that London Conference on “world inequality”, the next big dream of the Left is a World govt, controlling all the wealth and allocating it fairly. Does anybody really believe that a member of a tribe in African jungle can and should be forcefully made (by seizing and redistributing wealth) as prosperous as a New Yorker? Chomsky, that self-loathing, West hating, third worldist, pal of the terrorists of the worst kind (he regularly goes and commiserates with murderers of Hamas), is actually a Linguist who has become darling of the worldwide Left because of the hate he spews against the Free World, and blocks attempts to resist creeping Socialism in the US.
Why the Leftists are doing this? Spreading canards of an exploiting India, burying its poor under the factories?
In the Panchtantra (We no longer read Panchtantra in schools, perhaps Left wants to keep us away from that excellent source of ancient wisdom.), there is this tale of a Brahmin who purchases a goat from a fair. Four charlatans see him purchasing the goat,  and decide to divest him of his goat. One by one, they run into him and talk him into believing that it was a dog he purchased, not a goat. He leaves the goat and walks away. Charlatans of course get the goat.
The strongest army and the best of people can’t defend a country if they lose belief in justness of their cause and don’t believe that their country is worth defending. The underground Leftists are fighting Indian State in the forests. Their overground comrades and sympathizers are doing the job through newspapers, TV and documentaries by continuously drilling into the heads of the people that India is evil, cruel, exploiter, lackey for the blood sucking Capitalists, MNC stooge, mass displacer of the people, doing nothing for the indebted farmers. In short India has no reason to exist, India is not worth defending. And if India is not worth defending in the minds of its people, it will not be defended, it will collapse in thousand pieces which the Leftists believe they will get to pick up….will they????? Or will it be barbarians from across Wagah ??? But that is another story for another day.