The Shrinking Of Hindu Brain

What distinguishes Homo Sapiens from other animals? From Great Apes? Physically Homo Sapiens are one of the weakest animals, with little to defend themselves- no claws, no venomous bite, no great capacity to outrun the predators. Still we are ruling

World Hindu Congress: A Report

Over at OPINDIA, Dr Omendra Ratnu has a report on World Hindu Congress recently held in Chicago: “After attending the first World Hindu Conference in 2014, Hindus all over the world were looking forward to the World Hindu Congress, 2018 (WHC) with a

C K Raju And Discovery Of India

C K Raju is a mesmerising person. A polymath, he is described by the wikipedia page on him as under: “Dr. Chandra Kant Raju (born 7 March 1954) born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India is a computer scientist, mathematician, educator, physicist and polymath researcher. He is affiliated with the Centre for Studies in Civilizations in New Delhi. He

Why Dollar Is Rising Against Rupee

Assume that the US is an isolated territory, a separate planet. Assume that every dollar is a gold coin of one gram. And there is no silver in the US. Assume that all gold has been mined and melted into

The Airline Game In India

The Airline game, as exposed by Sh Veeresh Malik (A company is a person created by law. This basic fact also is not known to most of the population. That is, the promoters (owners) also can not take its money

Venezuela Goes Under, Sunk By The Leftists

वेनेजुएला में महँगाई दर 10,00,000% प्रतिवर्ष हो गयी है।याने वस्तुओं के दाम हर अठारह दिन में दुगने हो जाते है। भारत में पिछली सरकार में अर्थशास्त्री प्रधानमंत्री जब नोट छापकर चहेतो में लोन बाँट रहे थे तो पहंगाई दर चौदह

India’s Bane Is Its Educated Class

एक मित्र है, बहुत ही महान सनातनी योद्धा है। कुछ समय पहले एक नगर में मकान ढूँढ रहे थे, तो हर जगह जाति पूछी गयी। बहुत दुखी थे। वे हर समय जातिवाद के विरुद्ध लिखते रहे है। मार्केट एक स्थान

The Critical Theory (The Frankfurt School)

The critical theory is a school of thought, also known as The Frankfurt School, which is also known as Neo Marxism. The basic claim of the theory is that human knowledge, human perception, human observation of the reality is flawed

Entrepreneur: The Gift of Gods To Mankind

1967 में उत्तर प्रदेश में चौधरी चरण सिंह ने कांग्रेस के कुछ विधायक तोड़ कर व अन्य छोटे दलो को मिला कर संयुक्त विधायक दल के नाम से सरकार बनाई। सरकार बनाते ही गुड को उत्तर प्रदेश से बाहर ले

India’s Permanent Looting (errree.. Ruling) Elite, Jai Bhim Jai Meem, Elois And Morlocks

The Time Machine novella by H G Wells; and India’s Permanent Looting (ok……Ruling) Elite It is now clear that main occupation of the ruling elite of India has been to loot banks by obtaining loans and not repaying them. This