समाजवाद की सम्पूर्ण कथा

Ricardo’s Law of Comparative Advantage यदि दो व्यक्ति या दो प्रदेश या दो देश दो वस्तुयें A व B पैदा करते हो, पहला व्यक्ति A व B दोनो ही वस्तुयें दूसरे व्यक्ति से अधिक दक्षता से पैदा करता हो, तब

What Indian Military Really Needs

By Anang Pal Malik It is estimated that at its peak, the total strength of soldiers present in Delhi during the 1857 War of Independence reached about 60,000. But they were all soldiers, with no officers to lead them. As

Nikola Tesla

Today, 10th July, is the birthday of Nikola Tesla. The genius beyond all measure. Tale of his life is also the tale of how established names, contrary to all popular perception, try to destroy upcoming rivals, and cheat them. Edison

Of LPG subsidy

According to latest position, only 0.5% of subscribers have given up LPG subsidy. LPG subscribers in India, even those below poverty line, are not the poorest people of India. So even as people hold forth on social media, and in

B K Vasan’s Review Of Anang Pal Malik’s Book “Corruption In India”

By B K Vasan Everyone should read Anang Pal Malik’s book  Corruption In India.   (To download your free copy, go here.) It is not a happy read. It will leave you shaken and deeply disturbed. It may make you wonder

Time For Some Sarcasm

indiafacts.co.in has a very good sarcasm on the great Indian middle class that was totally comfortable with the loot and decay of Dynasty, but wants the moon from Modi government, here and now. Modi is doing great work on all

Cars in Delhi cause only 2% of total pollution: MOEF.

Finally, some sense instead of hysteria. Vehicular pollution is responsible for only 6.6% of particulate matter in Delhi air, and out of that, cars’ share is only 22%, i.e. only 2% of the total. Dust causes 52% of the particulate

Brinda Karat, a Leftist wants more Socialism to solve problems created by Socialism

  Brinda Karat, a CPM Polit Bureau member, has written an op-ed in today’s Indian Express, in which she says that Cuba is the country to emulate. Trouble is Cuba is a Communist prison camp. It doesn’t allow free press,

Urgent. Separate economy and State, Mr Prime Minister, economy is stalling.

Indian Express headlines of date scream that the farm wages have hit low of ten years, sensex low of 16 months. The farm wages will plunge if the labour is not absorbed into non-farm jobs. And non-farm jobs won’t be

New Government, same old foolish talk

Mr Prime Minister, it seems you have learnt nothing from the fate of the last government. That government was creating Rights and Rights, and got 44 seats for the labour. All those Rights were unconstitutional, and you want to add