Congratulations and Thank You PM for Operationalizing The Nuclear Deal

Energy is central to life. Cheaper and more abundant the energy, more prosperous the society.

Man has always struggled for energy.

Slavery was nothing but use of human beings as energy giving machines.

Energy is needed to free human beings from drudgery, and to keep them safe from the elements, to keep them out of caves, to keep them in the modern Civilization.


We are not lucky to have oil. And even those who have, have to eventually run out of it.

It is a tribute to human mind that it discovered Nuclear energy, the most abundant, inexhaustible source of energy. And real fun will begin when we tame fusion.

So it is a great step forward that we have now operationalized the Nuclear deal with the US. We will have access to the best and latest technology in the field.

Nuclear energy is totally safe. Its accident rate is minimum of all other types of power plants. And research and development is making it continually safer.

It is a big step ahead for India.

As for Liability, no entity, private or public can ever enter into a contract with unlimited liability. They will simply not do business if the liability is not defined and limited. A country that insists on such liability clauses will see all Commerce disappear.

There is an inherent risk in the life itself on this planet earth. Those societies that accept this simple but profound truth and learn to live with it, prosper. The risk averse societies cease to exist. We should have reasonable safeguards, and should be mature enough to know what is reasonable.