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Delhi Pollution: Blame Not PM10, But CPM70

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Where is Dalmia Nagar?
Any Delhite knows where is Dalmia Nagar?
Kolkata trains pass the place at night, so I doubt any Delhites know the place.
It is a ghost town on the Delhi-Kolkata route via Grand Chord (The rail route via Gaya. Dalmia Nagar is around 125 km from Gaya). It was an industrial town, set up by Dalmias. Communist trade unions destroyed it, the way they destroyed Modi Nagar, Kanpur, and Mumbai.
Dalmia Nagar was in the heart of Bihar.
But what happened to the factories and the workers of these places?
They came to National Capital Region Delhi.
In NCR, it was difficult for the commies to shut down factories, because of media glare. They tried in Gurugram, they tried in NOIDA, but such was the hue and cry in the media that they backed off.
Second reason was that in NCR, Bihar and UP type hafta vasuli was absent. Hafta vasuli is there, but at a moderate, tolerable scale.
And so the NCR became industrial hub of India.
All big cities of the world are at sea coast, or at coast of big water bodies like Chicago at the coast of a lake.
They grew because sea facilitated trade at a very low cost. And it proved a blessing as Homo Sapiens numbers exploded.
Sea gives wind a very low friction surface. And because the temperature of the land mass varies wildly daily, wind always keeps blowing through the coastal cities.
A very small amount of smoke may prove lethal if the place is enclosed against wind. Same for dust: dust may choke living beings if wind doesn’t take it away.
Delhi is not a coastal city. Instead it is at the edge of a desert. And now it has grown so big that wind is not powerful enough to quickly replace its air on most days.
PM10 is actually dust particle size. And it is universally used to measure air quality of a place. And Delhi has plenty of it, that is, plenty of dust, and westerly winds bring more daily, which gets deposited in Delhi, because wind can no longer blow through it, and so the dust hangs over Delhi.
So, the worst air quality in recent decades in Delhi was not on Diwali or in winters, but in the first half of June 2018, as dust was raised in the dust storms in Rajasthan, and came to Delhi but could not go any further over the wall that is Delhi NCR now.
That is why Delhi is not the most polluted city in India, it is third most polluted. The two cities of India more polluted than Delhi are Gwalior and Raipur, the two small cities but in the centre of vast arid, dusty areas around them.
Four studies, two by IITs, and two by other govt/semi govt bodies have found dust to be the 52% pollutant in Delhi, 33% vehicular, and only 11% industrial. Of the vehicular pollution, bulk is contributed by trucks, tempos, and two wheelers, cars accounting for less than 15%.
But upon what Their Lordships and media are concentrating? Cars, and industries, and Diwali. Because mango people clap loudest and most enthusiastically when the rich are hit, and media is controlled by Breaking India forces. Even if after hitting car owners and factory owners the pollution stays exactly where it was.
Leftist thugs make sure that consequences of their policies are never connected to their policies. That is why nobody will ever ask why a landlocked city like Delhi, with very poorly wind blown, was allowed to grow so big. Because then people will come to know that these thugs destroyed industries in Bengal, Bihar, and UP; and therefore both factories and workers have relocated to Delhi. And daily tens of thousands continue to pour in this city. With Mumbai destroyed, even those workers are now redirected to Delhi.
Capital cities of almost all countries are small, obscure places. Coastal cities are trade and small industry hubs, and big plants are scattered in small clusters deep in hinterland where land is cheap and population sparse.
But in India we do things differently, and stupidly. And so, our Capital city has become business, industry, and trade hub, and is choking to death as a result. Because economic hubs attract people, and they need houses, and houses black air flow, keeping dust and smoke in the city.
I doubt Delhi is going to be depopulated in a hurry. In fact as the UP, Bihar, and Bengal become unliveable thanks to the Leftist thugs ruling these places in succession, more people will pour into it.
Either run, or get buried in the dust. All the sound and fury of milords and the charlatan Kejri won’t save you. Because they can throw out cars and industries, but they have no control on wind, which refuses to blow through this unholy city of loot called Delhi.
So, for making Delhi a dust bowl, for its death-choke, blame 70 years of CPM (Communist Party of India (Marxist)). India was well industrialised in 1947, and industries were away from the population centres. Leftists and their presiding deity, Lootian Dynasty, destroyed everything, forcing migration into Delhi.

(Amarinder Singh, the CM of Punjab, flatly said,”किसानो को पुराली जलाने से रोका नहीं जा सकता।”
And both the courts and media immediately stopped talking about purali. As if it was never there. That is power of Lootian Dynasty for you.)

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