Demonising The Rich

Yesterday, during the launch of his Windmill (a la Animal Farm), that is, the “corruption help line,” Arvind Kejriwal did not forget to speak about his favourite whipping boy: Mukesh Ambani. As he was speaking on him, the audience clapped. Nobody present, nor the media, nor the spokespersons of other parties, nor  any public figure called him on it, or has ever called him on it before, as to how he can so flagrantly stoke hatred of a fellow citizen like this.

We all carry the natural resentment against those who are doing better than us. Few human beings ever reach the sagacity to accept that those who are more successful than them, are so because of hard work, and chance; and not because of some unfairness and injustice directed against them.

Therefore in all ages, demagogues have found it easiest to demonise the rich, to allege that they are rich not because of their own industry and hard work, but because they have looted the public money, or even better, that they have misappropriated the share of the poor with the help of corrupt State.

This has always led to some very tragic consequences, not for the rich, who simply emigrate when things get too hostile, but for the poor themselves, and for the countries where such demagogues succeed. Because as the rich flee or are destroyed, the prosperity and well being of the country also flies out. The history is full of examples of such countries. A survey of the countries wherever Leftists took over power, would prove the above point. In most cases, the country never recovers again.