Destroying IITs….By Creating More IITs

A graduate of one of the top IITs has recently joined Railways as a group D (that is, class IV, before it was renamed) employee.
Some bright mind realised that IIT graduates get jobs. Top paying jobs. And so let us open more and more of IITs. And the madness started in right earnest. Madness that gets only more acute as the years go by. Earlier a new IIT was announced every year, now a new IIT is announced every month.
Right at that time I cried and shouted that IITs do not give us jobs. Somebody’s business, industry, trade, and enterprise give us jobs. Research does not create businesses, businesses instead fund and drive research. But loonies are not known to listen. In fact, as they were opening more IITs, they were also strangulating industries and businesses: a most stupid Land Acquisition Act, NGT, more stringent “environmental” laws, more regulations, killing mining, cancelling mining lease, withdrawing already granted environmental and forest clearances to mining, destroying Vedanta, chasing POSCO out of India, chasing Nokia out of India, shutting down industries in hundreds every few months for “pollution.” Increasing taxes, piling on even more regulations, granting license to mobs to block any project…..
And to look even more benevolent, they announced education loans also so that those who do not get into government colleges, can get into private colleges and pile up debt on their families. Private colleges which were opening by dozens every week.
And so, now we have IIT graduates as group D employees.
IITs do not give us jobs. Somebody’s business, industry, trade, and enterprise give us jobs.
Size of economy decides how many graduates of which stream it needs. Not the colleges dispensing degrees. It is simple arithmetic. Nobody has ever defeated mathematics. Nobody.
And following the age old law of demand and supply, this flood of new graduates has lowered wages and prospects for even those who have been in jobs 5, 10, 15, 20 years. If a business can have five graduates in half the salary it is paying to a guy with 20 years of service, why waste money.
The madness of more IITs is destroying lives left, centre, and right. But our ruling class has gone blind and deaf.
Now they say that they will open a medical college in every district. Doctors will soon be seen in queues to become compounders and nurses.
Every society, every nation, every Civilisation was destroyed by those within, those who thought that they deserved more than what they got.
We are only creating a seething mass, full of hatred and anger, of highly qualified men and women. All dressed up in convocation gowns, but nowhere to go.