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Devendra Fadnavis And Rajdeep Sardesai

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Devendra Fadnavis should not have personally responded to Rajdeep Sardesai. You do not pick up fights with the people who purchase ink by barrels. Journalists control information, and are therefore able to twist and mutilate it. And they never question their own: example is Radiagate, a clear case of journalistic corruption swiftly swept under the carpet by the media. Second example is allegations against Ashish Khetan by Prashant Bhushan of writing paid news for Essar. The allegations were taken off news cycle within hours.

But Devendra Fadnavis did, and that is now past.

Interestingly, Rajdeep Sardesai, in true journalistic fashion, instead of replying to clear points raised by the CM, has again indulged in obfuscation. Writing at his blog, he has again repeated his original points, ducking the CM’s letter altogether.

The four points mentioned by Sardesai are:

1. Beef ban has rendered people job less.

How? Is the cow only animal slaughtered for meat? When Leftists get industries shut down, projects scrapped, trade unions force closure of factories; Sardesai never talks of resultant joblessness. Economy is always killing jobs and creating new ones in their place. Those trading in beef would find new means of livelihood.

2. The CM correctly pointed out that media and secular brigade never raised banners of protest against meat bans by previous Congress governments. Sardesai gives ingenious reply that those earlier bans were never enforced! How does that change the fact that the present govt was only following a tradition which was not questioned by the usual suspects earlier.

3. On Rakesh Maria, Rajdeep Sardesai claims that he spoke to some police officers and they do not agree to the reason given for his transfer. So? All officers in IPS are selected by the same UPSC, are equally competent, and individuals do not matter. The way Maria was behaving in the Sheena Bora case, was immature and unbecoming of a police officer of his rank.

Transferring its officers is a prerogative of a government, and it needs to give no explanation in the matter to anybody, nor Fadnavis should have given.

About the circular on sedition also, Sardesai ducks the question raised by the CM: why did “defenders of freedom” stay silent when the circular was issued by the previous government?

4. On the issue of farmer suicide also, Sardesai continues to repeat standard Left and media bullet points: Use the tragedy to blackmail governments into submission, raise hysteria, make whole issue driven by emotions; thus making any rational response impossible. The CM correctly pointed out that the problem has no short term solutions, and is a result of the policies of the last 67 years, which Sardesai and his ilk not only never questioned, but wholeheartedly supported.

As for the CM calling Sardesai a Leftist, well, all over the world, the Leftists no longer like to be called Leftists. In their standard practice of control of language, the Leftists want to totally confuse the public, by banning the use of the correct word for them: Leftists. Everybody who supports collectivisation of wealth, welfare state, and regulatory state; is a Leftist, and Rajdeep Sardesai meets all the criterion.

As for his secularism, he consistently carries water for the messiahs of pseudo-secularism: Sonia Gandhi, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Yadav, and Mamata Banerjee. Never reporting how secularism is being openly replaced by minority-ism in UP, Bihar, and West Bengal, and how secularism was openly subverted at national level through measures like Sachar Committee, and later, PCTV bill. He never reports how in the states ruled by secularists: UP, Bihar, and West Bengal- law & order has disappeared, jobs have disappeared, businesses have disappeared, roads have disappeared, electricity has disappeared, education has disappeared, healthcare has disappeared, and riots occur weekly, if not daily. The couple of instances he cites to prove he is unbiased are bound to be thrown up by stringers on the ground. Even a biased editor would run such stories now and then, just to look unbiased.

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