Monday, April 19, 2021

Education In India Is Finished

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AICTE is proposing to make an exit test compulsory for Engineering graduates. GATE may be made compulsory to serve the purpose. MCI is also purposing the same for medical graduates.
That is, like 10th and 12th, we will have Boards after Engineering and Medical education also.
They say that that will improve standard of our graduates.
Good luck with that.
Of course two three decades will pass and our thuggish ruling elite will bask in the afterglow of this revolutionary reform.
Then they will say that students are stressed by these Boards. Scrap them. Make them non-compulsory.
Few years ago a colleague told me that his son who was in the first year of Engineering goes for tuitions after the classes.
I was shocked. Tuitions for Engineering students…….I knew then that our Engineering education is shot, finished.
Socialism IS CORRUPTION. You become a socialist country, and soon, like poison spreading in the body, corruption will seep into everything.
From the headmasters of the village primary schools at the time of Independence who were honest, incorruptible, and therefore the most respected figures in the whole village, within seventy years we have come to the point that teachers in our Engineering and Medical colleges have become thoroughly corrupt.
Not teaching students in class is corruption.
Extorting money from the in-laws of your son is corruption. Voting into power the thugs and thieves who promise to transfer wealth of others to you through free/subsidised stuff is corruption. Voting into power thugs of your own Caste because they will rig the recruitment exams for your son is corruption.
And if you indulge in all of above corruptions, education of your children will also be corrupted. Everything will be corrupted, including the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe, all will be corrupted.
In seventy years, we have given to ourselves a maha-corrupt society, and then wonder what has hit us.
Honesty and integrity are not empty ideals. They make life possible. They are life.
Our world is going to collapse on our heads. Our own corruption will swallow us.

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1. Of the major countries at war in the WW II, the US and the UK lost the least...
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