“Elections Have Consequences.” An Interesting Study In The US

And the results of the study are in, and they say that to have economic prosperity, have Rightwing governments.

Over at Townhall.com, Michael Hausam, details the results of a Gallup study conducted to evaluate business environment across the US:


“Unmentioned in the survey’s evaluation are two other very interesting facts.

Firstly, the top 9 of these states are all very (or even extremely) Republican in their state and federal elective offices. Of these 9, only Iowa is without Republican control of their entire legislative government. All have Republican governors. Given the results of these states’ historical and last November’s elections, it would be very difficult to not directly connect political ideology and party affiliation with their economic performance. Elections have consequences and these states are enjoying those results……

………Secondly, these top-performing states tend to have very low income tax rates as well. Texas, Washington, and South Dakota all have tax rates of zero. North Dakota has the lowest tax rate in the nation of 3.22% and Michigan has the third lowest. Only Wisconsin and Iowa have rates that exceed the national average. On the whole, the ability to keep more of what one earns tends to have positive effects, especially with regard to motiving income-earning and productivity-increasing behavior.” (from the article)


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