“Environmentalism And Envy”

Over at americanthinker.com, Norman Rogers writes as to how like all Leftist campaigns, envy is driving the Environmentalists. They claim to be supported by science, but lash out like cult members if even scientists question their theories.


“Prophecies of doom have always been with us. The Book of Revelations has inspired men’s imagination for two thousand years. In about 1800, Thomas Malthus predicted that the exponential nature of population growth would lead to widespread famine or disease. In 1856, Nongqawuse, a teenager of the Xhosa tribe in South Africa, prophesied that if the tribe killed their cattle and destroyed their crops the British would be swept away. The tribe did this and most of them starved to death.

Now we have prophets demanding that we destroy our fossil fuel infrastructure and replace it with windmills and solar power stations. If we actually did this, the economic consequences would be very costly. Solar and wind power, on a national scale, would cost 5 or 10 times more than our current sources of power and be less reliable. This easily discovered fact is rarely discussed by environmental romantics, much less by the crony capitalists of the alternative energy industry, basking in a flood of subsidies and mandates.

Apocalyptic environmentalism has psychological advantages for those tortured by feelings of inadequacy and envy. By making one’s cause in life the prevention of an apocalypse, an individual can raise his status and make his life meaningful. Working to prevent the ruination of the Earth is obviously a task of great import. That the Earth is in no danger of being ruined and that the prophecies are largely imaginary doesn’t matter. The prophecies are too good to check.

Believers in environmental prophecies of doom lash out with undisguised fury when their prophecies — and their “science” —  are treated with skepticism. Those who dare to express doubts are accused of being in the pay of polluters, or of being ignorant, or of being religious fanatics. This fury, more than anything illustrates the mental state of environmentalists.”(from the article)
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