General Budget The Nation of Ten Rivers Wants

General budget would be presented in few days from now. It should be along the following lines:

1. Decrease personal and Corporate Indirect Taxes. This would give a flip to investments leading to creation of jobs.

2. Reduce all excise and customs duties. This will lead to more investment, more commerce, leading to creation of jobs and increase in prosperity.

3. Dismantle the Small Scale Industry regime. Everybody should be free to produce whatever he wants.

4. Move from regulation to detection and punishment. Instead of requiring persons to obtain permissions, just make few laws to govern business, and punish those who violate them.

5. Scrap Competition Commission. It is unconstitutional.

6. Slowly start defunding the unconstitutional schemes like MNREGA, FSB, and RTE. It is not easy to roll back Socialism, but at least make a start.

7. Simplify all tax laws. Every tax law, and its interpretation, must be applicable prospectively only.