Global Warming Fraud Has Big Money For The Fraudsters

So you find your favourite movie star holding forth on calamity that is about to befall us if we do not cut our carbon footprint. And you get immediately convinced. Without ever knowing that the guy was making millions to read from a prepared script, even as you are impoverishing yourself by switching to costly “Green Energies.”

Mark Steyn, himself sued by the Global Warming enforcers, and getting impoverished as a result, lays bare the whole racket called Global Warming/Climate Change:


“Stone, the star of such films as Basic Instinct, has been accused in a federal lawsuit in New York of failing to show up for paid anti-Chevron appearances in Ecuador. The actress backed out of gigs scheduled for April 2014, in which she was to be the latest in a parade of celebrities who’ve condemned the company, according to MCSquared, a U.S. public relations firm that’s suing the actress and her talent agency for $352,000. MCSquared alleges that the actress didn’t return a $275,000 fee paid to her via American Program Bureau, a speakers bureau in Boston. The firm said it also spent $77,420.09 “to accommodate Stone’s diva-like requests, including first-class airfare tickets and luxury hotel suites for herself and her three companions,” along with hair and makeup services and personal guides…

In its February 24 lawsuit, MCSquared said that it paid various celebrities, including Stone, to travel to Ecuador and criticize the company. Just before she was scheduled to appear in April 2014, however, Stone backed out because of health problems, the suit said. According to the Washington Free Beacon, other celebrities paid by MCSquared for appearances in Ecuador include Mia Farrow and Danny Glover. Last September, Farrow took to Twitter, in a post she’s since deleted, to confirm that she’d been paid a “speaking fee” for her visit to Ecuador. She added: “I wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t believe in the cause.”

American Program Bureau, which the suit said collected Stone’s appearance fee, did not respond to a request for comment.” (from the article)

Read the whole article by Mark Steyn here.