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Global Warming/Climate Change Fraudsters Want To Criminalise Speech Critical Of Them

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West Bengal and Kerala are the two Indian states which see maximum political violence: attacks on rival party members including their murders, destruction of public property, and arrests and prosecution of persons who dare to criticise the politicians in power. Both these states have also been ruled by the Leftists under the name of different coalitions, almost since independence.

This is so because contrary to their pretensions as men of ideas who sort out difference through debates, Leftists do not allow dissent. They use violence to silence the voices which do not agree with them. Like all totalitarians, they treat those who do not agree with them not as persons with a differing view and with a right to hold that view, but evil creatures out to sabotage the Leftist agenda that is above debate, dissent, and challenge.

They murder their opponents wherever they can, and where they can’t kill the opponents, they resort to character assassination, defamation, and slander. Where even that is not possible, they simply ignore the person into oblivion. They make sure that such person never has access to media or other public forums.

After all, Leftism is a lie, and “a lie can be maintained only through violence.” Violence can by physical, or if physical violence is not possible, it takes another forms. But aim remains same: anybody not in agreement with, not in submission to, the Leftism, loses right to live as an equal human being on this planet.

Global Warming/Climate Change fraud is the latest programme of the Leftist aiming to collectivise wealth and be in charge of its redistribution, to finally be in control of Capitalism and destroy it. So the Global Warming/Climate Change fraudsters use all the tactics of the Leftists: intimidation, destruction of career, banishment from media, demonisation using media and other public forums. Scientists know that speaking truth to the Global Warming/Climate Change fraudsters leads to immediate destruction of their career, with no hope of redemption.

Now these Leftists are moving to criminalise all speech critical of the fraud called Global Warming/Climate Change. And they are concentrating on that only fortress where free speech is still safe – the USA.

In an article at, Daniel Greenfield exposes the whole campaign:

“Big Green is big business. The global renewable energy market is estimated at over $600 billion. Obama’s stimulus boondoggle alone blew around $50 billion on green energy. Annual spending is somewhere around $39 billion a year and that’s just the tip of the Big Green iceberg.

California carbon auctions are climbing into the billions. And the endgame is a national and a global carbon tax that will allow Big Green to take money out of the pockets of every single human being.

Environmentalism isn’t a hippie with a cardboard sign. It’s multinational corporations and big banks. It’s environmental consultants padding the bill for every government project. It’s subsidies that get carved up ten different ways into highly profitable investments at taxpayer expense. It’s brand greenwashing and useless recycling programs. It’s a dime, a dollar or a hundred dollars added to every bill.

Big Green is booming business. But it can’t succeed on its own. Without public policy based on the hoax that the planet is going to be destroyed unless Big Green gets more green cash, the scam collapses.

Even as the science behind the conspiracy theory that claims humans are warming the planetcontinues to fall apart, Big Green is escalating its crackdown on climate science. If you are going to falsely claim that 99.99% of scientists agree with you, the best way to ensure that is by criminalizing scientific dissent.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has called for punishing and imprisoning dissenters. Bill Nye endorsedsuch a call just last week. And while it’s easy to dismiss Kennedy and Nye as famous crackpots, Attorney General Loretta Lynch admitted that there had been discussions about prosecuting climate dissenters. And that materials had been passed along to the FBI.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and 14 other Democratic attorney generals have begun working the more profitable corporate angle by targeting Exxon Mobil, hoping to cut off researchers and activists from their funding.

The agenda was blatantly on parade right from the start at a press conference of attorney generals under the banner of “AG’s United for Clean Power”. Imagine a group of attorney generals banding together under the name “AG’s United for Pepsi” to sue Coca Cola. That’s exactly what this was. The attorney generals were announcing that they are targeting one industry on behalf of a rival industry.

The Big Green group of prosecutors was launched by Al Gore, whose Big Green investments have made him a very rich man. Gore is the chairman of Generation Investment Management, a UK investment management firm that focuses on environmental investments. Its funds are valued at $7.3 billion. Gore’s Inconvenient Truth ecohoax flick was financed by the head of the Capricorn Investment Group. Al Gore invests in Green Energy and then runs campaigns urging government Green investments.

Now Gore has moved beyond that blatant conflict of interest to trying to criminalize rival industries.

So have the attorney generals who in addition to investigating climate critics will also lobby for more money for Big Green. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey announced that she will work “to speed our transition to a clean energy future”. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring declared that he wanted to “encourage the growth of our clean energy sectors”.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan didn’t even bother pretending that she wasn’t there as an industry lobbyist. Instead she announced that she wanted to “advocate for a comprehensive portfolio of renewable energy sources”.

Al Gore does have quite the “comprehensive portfolio”.

We’ve gone way beyond mere lobbying here. This is an industry group of attorney generals vowing to shut down one industry on behalf of another. This is how abusively corrupt Big Green has become.

But beyond targeting industries, this is a coalition dedicated to targeting ideas.

Big Green and its big Democratic backers claim that they are only targeting industries. Their goal is to bankrupt gas and oil just like they bankrupted coal, leaving Americans with no choice except overpriced and unreliable Big Green energy. But their targets aren’t just industries and the people who work for them. They have their sights set on eliminating dissenting ideas that make their fraud possible.

The campaign against Exxon Mobil seeks to treat the funding of dissenting ideas about Global Warming as fraud. It’s impossible to escape the Galilean implications of climate heresy trials in such a move.  But the subpoena against the Competitive Enterprise Institute targets critics of Big Green’s climate fraud more directly and is a major step in the suppression of free speech.”(from the article)

To read the article in full, click here.

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