Hospitals In India: Private & Government

On ZEE TV just saw two reports. First on a private hospital in Mumbai having Corona ward. Ward cleaner than a five star hotel room, every damn equipment available, staff fully provided.Second report was on KEM hospital Mumbai. No staff visible. Patients on the floor, because on the beds are dead bodies. The ward has not been swept in last 24 hours. Hardly any equipment by the beds. You become sick even looking at the bedding.What will Mumbaikars/Indians demand after watching the reports? Either of the following they will demand.

  1. Government must nationalise the private hospitals. You dumbs, then private hospitals will no longer be private hospitals. They will become government hospital. And KEM is government hospital. They will also become KEM hospital.
  2. Government must cap the fees of the private hospitals. Once government does that, the private hospitals will simply shut shop. The patients there will have to go to government hospital to die. They are also paying the taxes that run the government hospital. With no taxes, the government hospital will also die.
  3. Government must allow everybody to go to private hospitals and reimburse the costs. But government doesn’t have that kind of money, so it will promise to reimburse, but it will ration the reimbursement. Rationing will be done by the bureaucrats/politicians. They will have Secretary quota, MP quota, etc. So their family members, relatives, hangers on, and bribe givers will enjoy the private hospital treatment and government, means you the honest taxpayers, will bear the cost. With government paying, private hospitals will simply jack up the cost. In fact they will make arrangements with babus to get paid for the patients who were never there on the beds which existed only on paper in the hospital which also existed on paper.

There is only one way you can be in that five star hospital, my fellow countrymen: earn enough to pay for it. Or just shut up and get lost. Do not destroy everything by demanding which you can not buy because you did not earn for it because you do not allow the factory to run where you can earn enough because there also you want to get paid without working.

Similar is the story of schools. People do not want to send their children to government schools because they also present the same school scene as KEM presents the hospital scene. But after admitting their children to private schools, they immediately turn to government and demand that it should regulate them. Little realising that if government were any good in regulating things, it could have regulated the government schools themselves, making them better than the private schools. But government loves regulations, so government immediately jumps in, starts regulating the private schools. So private schools also degenerate, and that is why education in India has become the biggest and cruelest and costliest joke ever told in the history of Homo Sapiens.