In The Indian Express, Pratap Bhanu Mehta Blames Middle Class For The Looming Collapse Of Welfare State

The Leftists are pastmasters at blame shifting. For every socialist failure, they quickly locate some scapegoat.

In the Indian Express of today, in an edit page article, Pratap Bhanu Mehta essentially blames Middle Class for the collapse of medical services, logjam in the courts, bureaucratic delays and corruption, and total decay of the education system. Why Middle Class? Well, according to him, because Middle Class staffs these professions. Not once he mentions or even hints that:

1. Medical profession in India is dying because of socialism. The rent control laws have made sure that it is nearly impossible to start one-doctor independent clinics in major cities, forcing doctors to join exploitative big private hospitals, which are exploitative because they have no competition from one-doctor clinics and even from other big hospitals, as opening a new hospital is nearly impossible because of regulations and land rendered costly, again because of rent control laws. Outside the big cities, people do not have paying capacity to compensate the doctors for the decade long hard labour they need to put in to become doctors. They do not have paying capacity because socialism has made sure that there are no matching economic activities in the economy which can give people incomes enough to pay for modern doctor. For example, a tribal village with its forest economy will not be able to support a modern doctor. A doctor has a cost.

2. Corruption is the first consequence of socialism. So if India is socialist, corruption will pervade everything. Therefore justice delivery system, bureaucracy, and education system will be corrupt.  And will exhibit all the consequences of corruption- delays in courts, delays in permissions, approvals, clearances from government, and collapse of education. This will also mean that economy will be in decline most of the time, as government becomes inhibitor of the economic activities, not the keeper of order.

Mr Pratap Bhanu Mehta, if the country is practicing socialism for the last 67 years, and is in a mess, than socialism is to blame, not the Middle Class. Do not create a “class enemy” to unleash your mobs of unwashed hungry millions, impoverished by your socialism.

To read Mehta’s article in IE, go here.

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