Indian Express Is Promoting Global Warming Fraud, And Green Energy Boondoggle

It says a lot about the mediocrity of the Indian ruling elite that it never tries to examine anything coming out of the West. Global Warming has been fully exposed in the West to be a Leftist fraud. But we are still expending money and resources to serve this fraud. So called “Green energy” companies in the West are going bust, and getting exposed as the stratagems to milk the public money. But we are still subsidising such companies in India, and forcing Electricity Boards to purchase power from them, at a loss of course.

The Indian Express is doing its bit to promote this fraud and is advocating that more public money be thrown into the bottomless well of Green Energy, in the hope that may be something will come out of it. In an op-ed article in its print edition of the date, it has asked for coercive measures and financial incentives (read subsidies) to promote Green Energy.

Read the whole thing here.