Inequality Con Once More

Thugs of Oxfam
You would expect that the thugs who promised to make the poor rich by looting the rich and redistributing their wealth would go into hiding in guilt after failing to do so but murdering 120 million human beings and destroying countless countries in the attempt.

But to feel guilty a person needs to have conscience but the Leftist thugs do not have any, and therefore every few months they again take the centre stage with the calculations of the fabulous wealth of the rich that they would redistribute and eradicate poverty and inequality.
The newest gang of the Leftist thugs, Oxfam, has now come up with a fantastic claim that 1% rich Indians own four times the wealth owned by the bottom 70%, and the government is doing nothing about it.

In reality, the rich of India, or of any other country for that matter, do not have any wealth stashed away in the lockers of their bedrooms. For example, Mukesh Ambani is claimed to be worth Rs. 4,27,700 crores. But this is not the amount in his bank account or cash in his locker for the Leftists to loot. This is OUR valuation of his companies expressed in the price of shares of his company. The share value is our trust that the share will earn this much dividend in the coming years. If we lose that trust, the share value, and hence net worth of Mukesh Ambani will be reduced to zero within hours. Even his residence, Antilla, will become worthless as there won’t be any buyers as all those with capacity will be similarly ruined if Leftists take over the country, and if Leftists seize it, they won’t be able to meet even its electricity load.

Actually all the wealth of the rich over which the Leftist thugs salivate is nothing but our trust in the abilities of the rich to create future returns on our investments. That is why Leftists are left holding trash of the collapse of the economy when they have seized power in any country.
The poor are poor only because other members of the society do not have much trust in their abilities and so do not invest in any venture they try to start. Still the poorest today are the richest they have ever been. They have not become poor because the rich have become rich or are getting richer. They have in fact become richer than they were because of the reflected glory, because the rich are able to generate employment for them also, matching their skills. There are countries where there are no rich, and the poor in those countries live in the most abject conditions, not in better conditions.

In reality, there is no wealth in the world to loot. All that we recognise as wealth is actually our trust in the future, shaped by the able of the society. The only wealth a society has is the ability and skills of its citizens, and their integrity. Where men have enough integrity to let the men of ability to produce unhindered and un-endangered, that society, and only that society, becomes ever richer.

But the Leftist infantiles are not able to grasp this simple fact, and the freeloaders are too corrupt to accept it. And so cyclic destruction continues to visit us and continues to wreak havoc in the lives of the poorest of the society.