Infantile Environmentalism Kills

Australia has been ravaged by forest fires.
There is nothing new about forest fires. In summers, every forest is a tinderbox. Any spark, result of stone on stone impact, lightening, and now careless human beings, can start a fire. The scale of a forest fire means there is little human beings can do. Fire dies out when it finds nothing to burn.

Human beings knew this for millions of years. The forest dwellers had nothing to save, so they simply fled in the face of a fire.

Permanent settlements took care to clear the forests around them. Forests and human beings do not gel close together. They both do not like each other much.

Enter the infantile environmentalists. They banned all tree cuttings. Unresisted, forests are very powerful force. They soon reclaimed land around human settlements in places where environmentalists have a free run.

But forest fires have not forgotten forests. Nor have they lost their natural ferocity. As the permanent human settlements and forests came closer as a result of the “conservation” efforts, forest fires are also coming ever closer to human settlements. Wherever environmentalists have free run. In places like Australia……like California.

Development doesn’t kill, it saves. Till 1920, every year 500000 human beings died in natural calamities. Now the number is 20000 per year. In 1800 AD, world average child mortality rate was 43%. Today it is 4.5%

How and why are we listening to loonies like Greta Thunberg? And dying as a result. How could loonies take over the world?