It Is Economy, Stupid

In a report in The Economics Times of the date, Modi government gets praise for its economic reforms in its first year.

In the second year, Modi must scrap the National Green Tribunal, recast the Forest and Environment protection laws, and advance in the direction of complete separation of economy and State. BJP would win a landslide in 2019.

“WASHINGTON: The first year of the new BJP government is one of the best years for India in terms of liberalisation and economic reforms, a top US expert has said.

“While we cannot claim this has been a perfect year in terms of liberalising the economy, it has been one of the best years on record. Certainly well ahead of the first year of either the Vajpayee or the Singh governments,” said Rick Rossow, senior fellow and Wadhwani Chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies – a prominent think-tank.

“Though we can say that the focus has largely been on economic decisions with a prospective effect, with less attention on issues that had previously caused investor concerns,” he said appearing before US International Trade Commission which held a hearing on trade policies in India.”(from the article)


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