It Is Money, Honey


Regularly the Leftists wave statistics as to how US has so many doctors per 100000, or so many policemen per 100000 of population , and our evil government is evil for inflicting this disparity on us. That is, it is not being Leftist enough.

So it would be interesting to normalise the number of doctors and policemen against the per capita GDP:
1. US per capita GDP- $55000, Indian per capita GDP $5855.
2. US physicians- 24.2, India -6.4 (per 10000 population)
3. US Policemen -401 India- 138 (per 100000 population)

So a country 10 times richer than us has only 4 times more doctors, and only 3 times more police.

Both doctors and policemen have a cost. They do not come free. So in reality we are having 2.5 times more doctors than we can afford, and 3 times more policemen than we can afford, than the USA. Our government is not only not heartless and controlled by the evil capitalists, it is in fact more generous than it can afford to be, if the numbers are normalised with our incomes. And even with our inability to afford them, more people are still ready to give more than a decade of their lives to become doctors, and more people still risk their lives to police the society for us.

So cure your economic illiteracy, start reading writings other than socialist propaganda pieces, and learn all facts, not just the facts that advance Leftist agenda. If we won’t earn like Americans, we can’t afford things like the way they can afford.