#Jayanthitax: Great Tavleen Singh Tells It Like It Is

In her weekly column in the Indian Express of the date, irrepressible Tavleen Singh recounts how the Dynasty blocked India’s industrialisation, at the instance of the vested interests, all inimical to India. Ministry of Environment and Forests has done immense harm to our industrialisation drive during the last ten years, and Tavleen Singh has regularly warned the country about the harm it was doing.  She stands vindicated after the confessions by Jayanthi Natrajan.


“Now and then comes a moment in the life of a columnist when an event vindicates writings that have too long been reviled for being partisan or motivated by personal interest. This moment came for me last week when Jayanthi Natarajan summoned up the courage to go public about decisions she was ordered to take as Minister of Environment by her former ‘high command’. This column has been writing against the malignant misuse of the Ministry of Environment ever since Jairam Ramesh was first given charge of it. And, never in 30 years of the Fifth Column’s existence in this newspaper has it come so close to being given the chop. This was because of the limitless powers Madonna and Child once had. Since Jayanthi has admitted that she was forced to close Vedanta’s project in Orissa’s Niyamgiri hills on the orders of Rahul Gandhi, I want to repeat the story of what would have happened if the project had gone ahead. Anil Agarwal’s idea of building an aluminium refinery close to a source of excellent bauxite reserves could have reduced the international price of aluminium by half. Aluminium is hugely important for the environment because it replaces wood, and Orissa may have become the world’s most important centre for its production. This made international producers nervous so an ageing socialite was recruited to help stop the project after the refinery was built at a cost of more than Rs 11,000 crore. This lady, almost famous long ago for marrying a rock star, was taken to Rahul Gandhi by a Delhi socialite, once very famous for her devotion to the Dynasty.” (from the article.)


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