Kanhaiya Kumar And The Left’s Pleasure Palace

The stories we hear in childhood, and the stories we read in adulthood, and the stories they bring to life in theatres and movies; all have messages. Messages are the gist and wisdom distilled from the lived life over thousands of years. They add props they imagine, but the core of stories remains some profound wisdom.
In all stories of devils/evil/rakshash, the villain always entices the hero with fake temptations, spurious joys, false scenes carefully acted by the lackeys of the villain. 
Whenever the hero gives in to the temptations, he discovers that he has been trapped in the villain’s prison. The fake scenes of festivities and sports have disappeared, and only dark walls remain. What awaits him now is hunger and death.
In most stories, hero is rescued by the heroine. Women perhaps know what it takes to set up a home. They knew all along that the villain’s Pleasure Palace was a fakery. 
Leftists are that villain of our age. They whisper the same temptations: you will have free food, you will have free schools, you will have a guaranteed job, you will have free medical care, you will have a free housing. See, over there, in Cuba, in North Korea, in Venezuela, all this is a reality. Just give us power, absolute power. 
And once they get power, the trap is sprung: you will have no voice, no media, no elections, no associations. We decide whether your condition has improved or not. We decide whether you are hungry or not. We decide what you will do. You can not walk out. See, those firing squads. Now, good boy, keep quiet, head down. 
In the real world also, all tyrannies have been brought down by man woman love. That is why the Leftists take care to destroy this most sublime relationship. They destroy love by turning women into sluts.
Kanhaiya Kumar of Begusarai is just the latest in the long line of villains out to entice (and imprison) us into his Pleasure Palace. All the Leftists of India and abroad are campaigning for him because the myth of Leftists’ Pleasure Palace where everything is free and assured, benefits them all. They all feed on its prisoners. They are all invested in it.
Modi must be the most intelligent man. He in the meantime reached out to women directly. LPG, toilets, Jandhan, House…..all touch women’s lives directly.
Because Modi knew that only women can slay this modern day Mahishasur