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Karl Marx: The God Thug, And His Cult Called Leftism

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Karl Marx declared that there is no God, and one of history’s biggest deceptions was born.

As the world discussed his pronouncement, he quietly went ahead and himself became God……

He claimed omniscience. He declared he knows why we were put on this planet, and what is going to happen in future.

He said we were put on this planet to fight class wars, that is, to loot those richer than us, and redistribute the loot among ourselves, and kill the rich if they resist looting. And he then claimed to have seen the future: that those at present poor have seized all the wealth, and are running the world as a paradise in which everybody has the work he wants, and everybody has the things he needs, and in the evening all gather together and sing kumbaya.

And like all Godmen of the world, he soon gathered followers, and like all followers of the Godmen, his followers started killing those who did not agree with them. Wherever they are not in a position to kill, they hound the dissenters as blasphemers, guilty of Thoughtcrimes like racism, sexism, anti-poor views, and in places like India, Casteism. Achieving almost the same result as killing the person. His followers were soon getting offerings from the rich frightened by their talks of killing them all, offerings came in the form of fellowships, editorships, professorships, consultancies, research scholarships. In democracies, his followers gained even more remarkable success: the poor voted for this new God who promised paradise here on earth, instead of paradise upon death like other Gods.

And result is that over 120 million human beings have been killed so far, numerous countries have been destroyed, conflicts rage in almost all countries, in some violent, in others in political, academic, cultural arenas. His followers enjoy the power of censor in most countries, exploit women with license, having brought women out of families with the promise of Marxian liberty and equality.

Marxism assumes new names all the time: socialism, progressiveism, social justiceism. So, here we have chosen one name that covers them all: Leftism. Like all religious cults, it has sects, sectarian conflicts, and has satans, who are enticing the followers out of pure path of Marx.

How It All Began

Marx was an economist. He published first volume of his theory in 1867 under the name Das Kapital. Central point of his theory is that labour needed to produce an economic good decides its value. That the value of an economic good is objectively decided by the average hour of labour needed to produce it.

Soon after, in 1870s, Marginal Revolution in Economics happened. All classical notions of value were proven wrong, including the labour theory of value. It is claimed that Marx realised his error, and did not publish any more volumes of his works. All other volumes of his works after the first were published after his death.

But the losers of the world had found their God by that time. Karl Marx was the God who explained to them that they were the losers because the evil rich owned the means of production, and would not let anybody else succeed. That all had to work for the rich, and the rich were rich because of the labour that was forced to work for them because they owned all the means of the production. So, all that was needed was to seize the means of production, and let labour own them and produce all that was needed, and consume the production.

What Is Economic Value In Reality

Value is an intangible quality man assigns to various goods and services which satisfy his wants. Value is subjective. Each man values different things differently, and the same thing differently at different times, and values differently even the different quantities of the same thing at the same time. And if no man assigns a value to some goods or service, it has no value of its own. Thus labour is a service, and has only that value as other man assigns to it. And same man assigns different values to labour rendered by different men, and even different value to the different activities by the same man. And if no man assigns value to the labour of a man, the labour of that man has no value.

Man started in hunter gatherer groups. During evolution, man discovered that division of labour increases production. (After Marginal Revolution, it was mathematically proved that division of labour increases production.) Division of labour essentially means inequality of earnings. Inequality of earnings is an inescapable result of division of labour. Not all activities are valued equally by men, and division of labour means different men will do different activities. Therefore their earnings were bound to be different, and they were bound to be unequal economically.  Division of labour also means that there will be trade. Different men will produce different things, and because all men need most of the things, they are bound to trade their produce with the produce of other men. Direct exchange is inconvenient, and therefore a common medium of exchange was born, called money.

Therefore, if man has to progress beyond hunter gatherer societies, division of labour is inevitable, and trade & money are natural consequences of division of labour, and so is inevitable economic inequality.

It is all so obvious that any man of integrity will immediately recognise the error in Marx’ theory of value. And perhaps Marx himself did, may be that is why he himself published no more volumes of his work.

But just as religions have survived science though most of their claims regarding the natural world were proven false by science, so has survived the religion of Marx the science of Marginal Utility and theory of value that flows from it.

And it is a Totalitarian religion. It demands unconditional, total submission to its tenets, and its high priests. It kills apostates, and it enslaves or kills those outside its fold.

Followers of Marx never tried to refute the theory of Marginal Utility. They simply ignored it. Like the way followers of other religions ignored the discoveries of natural sciences which proved their Books false. Followers of Marx now come in different garbs: Leftists, feminists, social justice warriors, gender justice warriors, slicing society in ever more and smaller victim groups for whom only they can secure justice. They have also not spelt how they will usher the paradise on earth. They simply claim that paradise will come once they get total power over entire planet, including the power to decide whether paradise has come or not. They will have power to decide who will do what work, and who will be paid what, and most importantly, who will say what. That is, all men other than leaders of the Left will have to reduce themselves to animals, surrendering their mind to the leaders of the Left.

Every society has its losers. Losers who are not able to accept that they are where they deserve to be as per their ability and industry and intellect. They readily fall for the initial theory of Marx, that the world is unjustly ordered, and soon it will be ordered justly, and all inequality will be removed. So each loser fancies himself the representative of on earth of God Marx. The rich, made to feel guilty by the same losers, and afraid of their threats of violence, soon start making offerings to them as described above. And the cult of Karl Marx lives on. Ravaging the planet. Hindering industrial revolution, and preventing fruits of industrial revolution from reaching more and more poor. Even the fact of actual mitigation of poverty wherever industrial revolution has reached, has not deterred these cultists from trying their ever failing ideas in ever newer areas and fields.

Like in case of all religions, a clergy has developed of the religion of Karl Marx. The clergy benefits immensely from this religion, obtaining riches and power which they would have never earned otherwise. And this clergy is keeping this totalitarian death cult going, the cult devoid of all morality and integrity.

It is one of the biggest surprises of history that Karl Marx could get away with his God deception. Even in the age of communication, people could not realise that this man is denying God but himself is claiming to be God, without ever saying so. That like God, he is claiming to know the purpose of human life on earth, and he is claiming to know the future!

And it is the sad commentary on moral strength and integrity of man that this God, Karl Marx, is also not only not running out of followers, but the number of its followers grows all the time. And so does the number of the victims of this Totalitarian death cult of Karl Marx.

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