Language In The Service Of Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud

“Dirty energy,” “Climate catastrophe,” “Extreme weather events,” are some of the examples of manipulative use of language by the Global Warming/Climate Change fraudsters. Being Leftists, they know that those who control language control the knowledge, and hence control the society.

It doesn’t happen automatically. Ideologues make sure that the control of language is complete in education, media, politics, and academia. In workshops, they teach the volunteers what to say, in what words, and how to attack the opponents. The narrative is aimed at to keep people from thinking, by scaring them into compliance straight away.Words of fear are bombarded at masses without respite.

Over at, James Sawhill has a great essay detailing the linguistic tactics of the movement of Global Warming/Climate Change.

“Climate reporting seems formulaic but science authors paste in those climate alarms too. Turns out, it’s not a coincidence.

h/t to Robin for alerting us to CRED

Effective communication in matters of uncertainty, such as catastrophic anthropogenic global warming, has been elevated to high art, actually higher education. The Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, (CRED at Columbia University) [1], through the imaginations of their behavioral psychologists, morphed uncertainty into “strategic use of uncertainty [4]. With a single stroke, they claim a double win of formulating valuable strategies for delivering climate claims and placing the burden of falsifiable proof upon CAGW skeptics.

Through these techniques, dire futures can be projected as news certainties and otherwise limited implications of post-doc research can promote social consequences with just the requisite nod to “global warming”. (from the essay)

Read the whole essay here.