Left vs Right: A Conflict Of Vision Of Man

By Anang Pal Malik


Communists claim that man is selfless. As they seize a country, they proceed to consficate everything, and redistribute it fairly (not equally, mind you). Soon they discover that nothing is working, the poor are where they were before revolution, even worse, and men are just as selfish as they were before revolution. So they start killing men, to create the ideal self-less man. In last 100 years, they have murdered 120 million human beings in this quest of theirs, but to no avail. The two poorest countries on planet earth are Cuba and North Korea, the Communist havens. Democratic Socialists also want to reach the same destination, but they say that they would allow men to earn, but would collectivise the incomes and redistribute from the pool. That is, government will pay from this pool for everybody’s education, medical care, housing, old age care, and pensions. This model has been tried in Europe. In this, the socialists have discovered that men start living permanently on Welfare, and also stop having children, so soon, there is nobody to pay the taxes needed to fund the Welfare State. They first cut on military expenditure, and when even that can’t fund their “grand schemes,” they start borrowing. Soon they are run out of lenders, and loans come due, bankrupting the country. Countries of the Europe, the land of Welfare State, are filing for bankruptcy one by one. Communism/socialism/Welfare State ravages the society permanently wherever it is practiced. It becomes almost impossible to put the country back together again, as once a man learns that his neighbour is to pay for his education, his housing, his medical care, his old age pension; it becomes almost impossible to teach him the simple truth that to his neighbour, he himself is the neighbour. That a country can never consume for long more than the sum of the production of the individuals, and that once men realise that any surplus they produce will be taken away and given to those who produce less, they stop producing any surplus. Of course man is supposed to learn from others’ experience, but such is the pull of freebies that destruction caused by the Leftists (called variously communists, socialists, Welfare Statists, etc.) in Russia, Cuba, North Korea, whole Latin America, and now Europe; is not able to wake up men to the fact that they are not marching into a heaven of freebies, but to their doom. Even in India, fate of West Bengal and Kerala in particular, and whole India in general, is not able to convince people that collectivisation does not work. Such is human nature, such is the greed for freebies. Though folks call the capitalists greedy, in reality they who fall for freebies are the real greedy ones. So called Capitalists, in reality all the non-Leftists, believe that man is a selfish animal like all animals, and when all men work to advance their self-interests, they end up benefitting everybody else, and with this mutual trade of benefits, society becomes ever more prosperous. This is borne out by observation also. Some become very rich, some are not so rich, but all are at least richer than the all the equally poor of the Left controlled countries. 95% of the poor in the US would not qualify as poor in any other country of the world.