Liberty, Private Property, Free Market Economy; And Brahmins

The biggest mistake of Brahmins was the decision, the self made rule, to own no property; and to bear no arms. They decided to be men of learning and teaching and letters, but also decided not to earn their living, and own no property, and live on voluntary contributions instead. Gurukul students would go for voluntary contributions from nearby villages, the priest would have no salary, but only voluntary offerings from the faithfuls, and at pujas also, nothing would be fixed, it was all to be voluntary. So the men to be the intellectual leaders of the society also decided to be at the mercy of the society.

And that has been the undoing of Brahmins and Hindus. Private property is same as personal Liberty. Only a man with private property is free, and has a stake in the preservation of society. And only a man with assured payments for the efforts is free to make those efforts in the real sense.

As we see daily in our lives, voluntary contribution almost always means no contributions. Impoverished, Brahmins entered the bondage of the society they were supposed to lead. And with no arms, unable to defend themselves. Decline started, leading to slavery of the whole society.

It also became a disease in the society. Anybody serving society/country was supposed to be impoverished, propertyless, living on charity. Renunciation came to be equated with greatness. With the result that nobody talented serves society/country. Those who do, are in most cases the losers who could do nothing else. And therefore, instead of the best, we have the most mediocre as the leaders of the society and the country.

Brahmins should hold grand council and declare,”Bhuke pet bhajan na hot Gopala….” They should make a complete break with the Varna system mandated propertyless existence. They should have prearranged and pre-decided salaries and charges for the services they render. And they should become entrepreneurs, industrialists, businessmen, and traders.

It is heartening to see that many Dalit leaders have figured this out and are openly advocating Capitalism and free markets. Brahmins should also finally make peace with Goddess Laxmi, tell Goddess Saraswati to be the co-signatory of the peace deal with Goddess Laxmi, and become wealth creators.

Trade value for value, Brahmin Devta, instead of hoping for the voluntary contributions, and become the leaders in wealth creation, not in renunciation.