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Means Of Production: A Fraud That Is Marxism

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Marxism (Leftism/Stalinism/Leninism/Maoism) is a proof that man will always fall for any lie that promises utopia, irrespective of education, modern means of communication, progress, prosperity, etc. In fact once taken in, man will kill any number of human beings to serve the lie, instead of critically examining the lie itself.

As against the organised religions before him which promised salvation to their folks after death, Marx came with a new radical idea that History has told him that utopia was not only possible here on earth itself, but inevitable. He claimed that the rich are rich because they own the means of production which were created by the accumulation of Capital which was created by the workers. Since the workers created the means of production, so they must take them back, and once they own the means of production, they can decide their wages and therefore will no longer be poor and no longer exploited.

Marx had a primitive mind. The primitive mind sees material things: machines. And thinks that the production is made possible by those machines. Primitive mind sees land and thinks that land grows the crops.
Countless countries, including India, seized machines, that is factories, and discovered that they have soon turned to dust. Many countries seized land, and soon discovered that they have started starving, though the land remains the same.

But like the religions whose founding books have been proven to be false refuse to die, so is Marxism. It can destroy any number of countries, can kill millions, but it is always on the march. It is now marching through the cities of the West, burning and looting the cities. In fact in the US it is not killing while looting only because its intended victims own guns.

Fact is, there are no means of production on this planet. No machines, no factories, no mines, no land. Only men of production.

Yes, only men of production. They spot a demand, they fulfil it. To fulfil the demand, they sometime set up factories, sometime develop a mine, sometime develop a farm, sometime they just source the product from somebody already producing. In exchange for this labour of theirs, they get others’ labour. The labour of others’ comes to them either in the form of money (a medium of exchange) or in the form of goods themselves. They take this labour to somebody else and give it to them in exchange for some other form of labour, some other goods. Those who are poor, are actually poor because they are not participating in this exchange of labour, they are not producing anything which is wanted by somebody else. There is no other reason of poverty. It may be that they are being prevented from participating using violence. But even violence is made possible by their refusal to be human. Because human beings are always capable of coming together and defeating the violent. If they are not coming together, they are not behaving like human beings. And if they are not behaving like human beings, they can only be poor. prosperity is a typical human trait. Animals do not know it.

So, know that the machine is just a lump of iron even in the hands of its operator. It becomes machine when somebody takes its production and sells it at a price that pays for the machine itself, the salary of its operator, and the skills of the man who sells its product. As was discovered by the oil oligarchs during the lockdown, their black liquid gold turns to dust if men of production withdraw into their homes. The factories can’t feed the workers, the mines reduce to just pits, though workers are all there.

Economy is a self-evolving system. No evil Capitalists designed it. And because it was not designed to begin with, no Leftist murderer can bring a better design.
But like a seed, like a human baby, economy needs a suitable environment to evolve, to grow. That environment is absence of violence, sanctity of contracts, sanctity of private property, and freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is actually freedom of mind, because mind expresses itself through speech, verbal and written. When free speech is prohibited, actually minds are locked. And man is his mind. So as minds shut down, man disappears, and so does the man of production.

So survey all societies and countries in the world. They are rich to the degree violence is absent, contracts are honoured, private property is held sacred, and men are free to express themselves. Only these factors decide whether a country is poor or rich.

So there are no means of production to be seized by the workers of the world. There are men of production of course, but even they can’t be seized. Because if they have been seized, they are no longer men, and therefore can not be men of production either. The most basic premise itself of Marx is therefore a fraud for all to see, if they care to see, if they care to be prosperous. If they want to be human beings.

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