Mere Pep Talk On Corruption; From A Former Cabinet Secretary

Writing in the Indian Express of 04-5-15, former Cabinet Secretary T S R Subramanian repeats usual homilies on corruption. He discusses the proposed amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act, recently approved by the Cabinet.

Anang Pal Malik, in his book Corruption In India (to download your free copy of the book, click here ) says that the root cause of corruption is socialism, which is the governing philosophy of India, and till socialism is dismantled, corruption will continue to flourish. He also says in the same book that this fact is assiduously kept hidden by all the politicians and bureaucrats, past and present. When they discuss corruption, they discuss everything except the fact the 90% of those who can be corrupt are corrupt, and they are corrupt because socialism gives them enormous powers over the lives of businessmen and common citizens alike, puts large amount of public money in their hands, and at the same time keeps their salaries woefully low.

T S R Subramanian’s article is no exception. It simply repeats the usual bullet points of writings on corruption in India: we need more stringent laws, we need speedy trials, etc. He also adds that the right to question the policy decision under section 13(1)(d)(iii) of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 must be retained. This is a dangerous provision. The democracy gives government the right to frame policy. The government is answerable to parliament. Bringing a third party to question the policy itself, is anti-democratic. This is a lure of the “Philosopher Kings,” the unelected, unaccountable Oligarchs keeping an eye on the elected government.

To sum, the article is typical of the articles on corruption in Indian media, in which beautiful sounding words like accountability, stringent punishment, speedy trial, etc., are strewn all over. Public feels something is being done about the corruption. But the only facts that matter concerning the corruption are never mentioned. A whole class: the bureaucrats and politicians combine, makes sure that the best-kept secret of corruption in India is never revealed. That socialism is the cause of corruption, that 90% of them are minting money on an unimaginable scale, and that till socialism is dismantled, and the government is separated from economy, corruption will continue to grow.

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