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A friend few days ago posted an outstanding video on social media explaining how the entrepreneurship works. In that video he made very important point when he said that there is no upper limit on the money we can have in the world. That is, it is not that we can only redistribute the existing money, money can actually grow in amount in the world.
And no, he did not mean currency printing, he meant money as expressed in total production.
This is the point the Leftist infantiles have not been able to grasp since Marx published his Das Kapital in 1867. That quantity of money/wealth is not fixed in the world, the pie can and does grow.
It is a tragedy that man believes what suits him in the moment. People fall for the Leftist rhetoric because it nurses their ego: they are poor not because they are dishonest, but because Mukesh Ambani has misappropriated their share.
Fact is, money is only our imagination, our inter-subjective imagination. An imaginary thing that works like real because we all believe in it. Not only the currency notes that are actually just paper and ink, in fact just another collection of atoms bound together. Even gold is just another metal capable of nothing if we do not give meaning to it as the object to be used as the medium of exchange and as the material we like to wear to decorate ourselves. Can’t get the point? Send Bhappi Lahiri to Sentinelese. Make him offer them all his gold. See if they welcome him with anything other than arrows. Because they do not give any meaning to gold.
So if money is imagination, what exactly grows? Answer is our work. Money is just a medium of exchange of our work. So when we all work more than before, total work available in the market for exchange grows, and we get more of everything we desire, because we offer more in exchange. That is why printing currency notes doesn’t make us rich, it actually destroys the currency itself. Because when government is printing more currency and giving it away without people working more, more currency notes do not buy us more, they buy us same work as before. So we say that there is inflation, that is, to buy the same work, we need more currency notes. Soon people start losing belief in the currency notes, that is, the inter-subjective imagination starts evaporating, and the currency collapses.
So why do people not work more? Are they lazy?
No, actually people do not work more only because of one reason: if their work is stolen/looted. Work can be stolen/looted in thousand different ways: not paying the promised wages: labour stolen/looted. Not paying the cost of products received, products stolen/looted. Not returning the money borrowed, receipt for the work done stolen/looted (money we receive by selling our labour/product is just a receipt of that labour/product, by surrendering which we buy others’ labour/product. So when a borrower doesn’t return our money, he is in reality stealing/looting our labour/product surrendered elsewhere.). Property seized by Party/mafia, is sum of our labour and product sold in our life till that point stolen/looted.
Actually to become rich a society does not need land or minerals or infrastructure or education. All it needs is integrity. An absolute respect for private property, and an absolute determination to keep the promises made.
All else is time pass, one huge racket to self-fool.

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Educated Indians fall for every fraud that comes out of the west. In the awe of the Colonials, everything...
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