More On Global Warming/Climate Change Fraud

By Anang Pal Malik

I have been, for the last seven years, shouting that Global Warming was a fraud. When it was quietly renamed as Climate Change, I continued to shout it is a fraud. And now that it is being re-renamed as “health risk,” I will continue to shout that this is a fraud. Because it is a fraud. It is just one more testimony to the mediocrity of Indian science establishment, educated class, and the ruling elite; that they so uncritically fell for this scam, and continue to worship at its altar, ready to make the sacrifice of all our hard won, meagre prosperity to propitiate the God of Weather, who is supposedly angry at all the Carbon we are spewing in the atmosphere.
Written rain, flood, and temperature records of last 150 years, readily available withe the Met office, prove that all the so called “extreme” weather events, we are supposedly being handed down by the angry Weather God, have been routine occurrences, all through the years. Even Mumbai used to see upto four day long train service shut downs three to four times every year during monsoon, all through the eighties and nineties, and earlier. But the dumbs who learn all about the world through TV, watch the waves crashing at Gateway of India, and start proposing to shut down all our Thermal power stations. Of course they never stop to ask themselves that if with all those thermal power stations, we have only 12 hour per day supply at Rs 6 or 7 a unit, what would be the scene if they are really shut down.
For the uninitiated, the Earth’s temperature is controlled by the Sun, and Sun alone. The Earth was much warmer than it is today during as recent as 1000 AD to 1200 AD. And if we go a little earlier in the past, Antarctica had palm trees, and Greenland had thriving farming. And where New York stands today, was a mile thick ice sheet once.
As for floods, a flood in the Netherlands and Northern Germany on 14 December 1287 (the day after St. Lucia Day) killed approximately 50,000 to 80,000 people in the sixth largest flood in recorded history. And around 16 January 1362, a flood common to many North European countries caused at minimum 25,000 deaths. And the “First St. Marcellus flood”, which drowned 36,000 people in West Friesland and Groningen (today provinces in the north of the Netherlands), occurred on 16 January 1219.