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Mr Prakash Javadekar, At Paris, Just Say,”To Support Fraud Called Global Warming/Climate Change, We Are Not Committing Economic Suicide,” And Walk Out

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Jairam Ramesh, the Minister for Environment and Forests during UPA years, was a True Believer in the fraud called Global Warming/Climate Change. Singlehandedly, he destroyed Indian growth story, condemning millions into poverty and hunger. Like a fanatic, he went after industry after industry, shutting down projects, withdrawing clearances, blocking clearances, and, but for the then PM Man Mohan Singh, nearly gutted India’s plan for nuclear energy. He was acting more like some Environmental NGO, and less like a Union Minister for a country of 125 crore human beings threatened by poverty and hunger. Word of the Environmental Leftists became as good as law. Some activist from some corner would rise, and one or another project would get scrapped. He even attended so called Public Hearings, at which Leftists gather to shout down everybody else, and based on their “outcome,” delayed/blocked projects.

His activism set the tone. Ten years of UPA rule were marked by an unprecedented “Rule by NGOs.” GDP growth fell to as low as below 4. Powers of extra-constitutional bodies, unaccountable, law unto themselves; like Commissions and Tribunals and Authorities grew and grew.

India was lucky that UPA was voted out.

But it seems between UPA and NDA, difference is only in degrees, not approach. By all indications, our current Minister for Environment and Forests, Prakash Javadekar, also believes that the fraud called Global Warming/Climate Change is actually a fact, but believes that actions to “mitigate” the effects of “Global Warming/Climate Change” can be so planned that they won’t substantially affect India’s economy or its growth.

He, and the whole Indian Establishment, needs to recognise that: 1. Global Warming/Climate Change, and now about to be rechristened as “Health Risk,” is a fraud. Man is not causing Globe to get warmer. Globe in fact is not warming at all for last two decades. And the Globe has been warmer (Medieval Warm Period-1000-1200AD) and colder (Little Ice Age-1200-1750AD) before “Carbon spewing” industrial age dawned on the earth. Earth’s temperature is almost exclusively controlled by the Sun. There is nothing man can do to hold down the earth’s temperature. Whatever “mitigation” measures are being proposed carry costs very very large compared with the costs required to be incurred in adjusting to the changing temperatures, as and when the change takes place.

The whole Global Warming/Climate Change fraud is the latest Leftist stratagem to bring down Free market economies of the west, and put in place a Super World Government that would control the economic activities the world over, in violation of the national sovereignties. Till now, North America was the only resisting block, with Euro-socialists being on board right from the start, and most of the third world ruling elite ready to sign on dotted lines, in the hope of getting funds from the industrial west, in lieu of surrendering their sovereignty. Of course the venal and thuggish ruling elite in power in almost all of the third world countries would spirit it away back into Swiss banks. Only the poor in the third world countries would get pushed further into the back-breaking poverty.

But with Obama in The White House, and Justin Trudeau as the new PM of Canada, the last bulwark against the Leftists driving at the Global Warming/Climate Change fraud is gone. Both, Obama and Trudeau, fully support the fraud and the planned power grab by the UN. Obama has got China out of the way by signing a sham treaty with it. So, at the upcoming Paris conference in December, pressure on India to commit economic suicide will be huge. And because NDA does subscribe to the fraud, its resistance will be that much weak and confused.

So called Green energies should be utilised to the extent that their costs compare with conventional energy. The more we replace oil, better it would be. But to create energy poverty and scarcity in India, and that too to serve a fraud being promoted explicitly to kill economic growth in countries like India will be a real treason against India and its poor.

Prakash Javadekar, in his capacity as the Minister, has called for suggestion from the public regarding the upcoming Paris Conference. Indians are requested to write him requesting telling the grandees at Paris conference The Truth: that the whole talk of Global Warming/Climate Change is a fraud, and we are not going to surrender our economic sovereignty to serve it.

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