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Mr Prime Minister, Global Warming/Climate Change Is A Leftist Fraud; Do Not Go To Paris To Support It

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First the facts:

1. Earth’s temperature is controlled by the Sun, and the Sun alone.

2. The Earth has been much warmer, and much colder, than it is today, not only millions of years ago, but even in recent centuries. During 1000-1200AD, the Earth was warmer than it is today, and from 1200Ad to 1850AD it was much colder than it is today.

3. CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has been upto five times higher than it is today during the time when life was present on the Earth. In fact, many crops we see today developed only during the time when CO2 concentration was much higher than today. Plants are always gasping for the CO2, which is a very minor part of the atmospheric air.

4. Concentration of water vapour in the air is about 1000 times that of CO2, and each molecule of water (vapour) absorbs about 1000 times more heat than a molecule of CO2. So for each molecule of CO2 in the air, there are already 1000000 equivalent molecules in the air. So changing CO2 concentration means nothing to the heat escaping from the Earth.

5. For last about twenty years, there has been no increase in the Earth’s temperature, though CO2 concentration are at the highest of their recent centuries’ figures.

6. All the scare being created by the Global Warming/Climate Change fraudsters is based on computer models. Anybody having elementary knowledge of mathematical modelling would know that a computer model gives results according to what the programmer wants it to give. Based on these cooked up results they want the world to commit economic suicide.

7. If at all any increase in the temperature takes place, it would cost very little to adjust to its effects, as compared with the cost involved in efforts to hold down the Earth’s temperature, that too if the claims that we can hold down the Earth’s temperature are taken to be true at their face value.

8. The biggest clue to the fraud is its name change. When the Leftists discovered that the Globe was in fact not warming according to their Computer models, they quietly changed its name to Climate Change, never explaining the reasons of the name change to the public. And in fact now that records prove that Climate isn’t changing either, they are now planning to call it “Health Hazards” of “Carbon economy.” That is, as they feel that the public is not getting scared enough to agree to their wealth redistribution programme, and to dismantling of Capitalism, they now want to scare the public that the Carbon economy is making them sick. And since all human beings fall sick at one time or another, they hope that this latest fraudulent claim of theirs will hit the mark. So in coming days, be ready to learn the “health hazards” of rising CO2 concentration.

The fact is that even with the collapse of USSR, the Leftists have not given up the dream of destroying Capitalist economies, and replacing them with an economy controlled by them through a world government. The world government that would be unelected, unaccountable, and unchangeable by any “voters,” to be manned by wise intellectuals and technocrats who would manage the world economy to keep it low Carbon, and would redistribute the wealth from the rich countries to the poor countries to mitigate the poverty that would ensue because of the dismantling of the Capitalism.

And it is in this direction that the upcoming Paris Conference on Climate will work.

The Euro-socialists long ago signed up to this latest plan of their fellow travellers. Only the US and Canada were holding out. But with the Leftist-in-Chief in the White House, and with another Leftist who has just won power across the border in Canada, the Leftists see their best chance of getting the world governments to agree to a Carbon tax. Since it will be a world tax, so naturally a world government will administer it. And the world government will of course be staffed by the Leftists themselves.

Obama has let China get away by signing a sham agreement with it. The agreement bounds China to nothing. So that leaves only one major economy: India, which will be called upon to cut down its CO2 emissions. That is, pressure on India to commit economic suicide will be tremendous. If India caves in, all 125 crores of us will be condemned to wretched poverty, and consequent mortality. Poverty is the biggest killer.

Therefore, Mr Prime Minister, do not go to Paris. Just write a short letter saying: The Global Warming/Climate Change is a fraud, and we are not going to destroy our fledgling economy to serve this fraud.

(To read more about this fraud, click here, and here, and here.-Ed)

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