Murder by Ideas

World is the sum of the shapes given to it by different ideas. Only ideas matter, men come and go. Men become saints because of some idea, men become devils because of some competing idea. Locate the evil idea, and destroy it.

Eliminating evil men does not amount to much so long as the idea that animated them is not eliminated simultaneously. Ideas are like viruses. They may lie dormant for decades, even centuries, but an outbreak, even deadlier outbreak than earlier instances, is possible any time; may be even in another place where the carriers of the idea, the followers of idea have migrated to, or idea alone has traveled.

And know that every religion is just an idea.


This is also the theme of a PJmedia article:



“Communism is a set of warped ideas derived from the thought of Karl Marx, a deranged intellectual who convinced himself that he had discovered the “scientific laws of history,” under which he asserted that each stage of civilization was based upon a thesis, which eventually generated its antithesis, the resulting clash leading to synthesis of the next thesis (do you see how neatly that flows? To an intellectual that means it must be true, and the facts can be adjusted to fit). Consequently, Marx analyzed his own age, and alleged that the inevitable contradictions of industrial Europe (for which he coined the word “capitalism”) would lead to its downfall, as the down-trodden proletarians became conscious of their membership in a “class,” and their class consciousness would lead them to rise up in bloody revolt against the capitalists, seize control of the means of production, and redistribute the economic pie, for which he and his equally deranged friend Friedrich Engels coined the word “communism.”

As a result, millions lost their lives in the Russian Revolution of 1917 and subsequent Russian Civil War, which went on until 1923; tens of millions of Ukrainians, Poles, and Byelorussians died of famine and exposure in induced famines as Stalin systematically confiscated all of the grain he could to feed his industrial cities and sell abroad for machine tools; and millions more perished in the Great Purge of the 1930s. Then there are the horrors of the Chinese Revolution, the Cambodian Revolution and on, and on….

But modern Leftists will not give up, they will not admit that Marx was wrong and his ideas warped; no, they will always tell you that they were not implemented correctly, but next time….” (from the article)


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