Obama’s Monster Budget

With no more elections to win(or lose), the Radical-in-Chief in White House has come out with a monster budget of $4 trillion, with confiscatory taxes on everybody and every entity, and still leaving deficit as wide as Atlantic.
(To put the figure in context, India’s annual GDP is $1.8 trillion. That is 125 crore Indians actually live on $1.8 trillion. But US govt alone wants to spend $4 trillion, to take care of the “poor.” 95% of the US “poor” will not qualify as the poor in any other country in the world.)
By the time Obama leaves office, he will comfortably add $8 trillion to the US debt. And he will have created a Greece like dependency class in the US , that will vote more and more politicians like Obama, and will riot if its freebies are cut by any future politician; thus making any course correction impossible. Fundamental transformation of the US into Leftist decline-stan is complete.


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