Of Demand of Ban on e-commerce:

Horse and wheel put palanquin bearers out of business. Bridges put boatmen out of business. Textile mills put handlooms out of business. Railway and cars put horse and carts out of business. Trucks, buses, cars, and planes put Railway out of business. Planes put passenger ships out of business. Postmen put pigeons out of business. Cable TV put antennae makers out of business. CDs and DVDs put cassette makers out of business. CDs put floppy makers out of business. Pendrives put CD makers out of business. Digital cameras put film roll makers out of business. Emails put postmen out of business. Mobile phone makers put landline phone makers out of business. But everybody’s life became better. Palanquin bearers had exactly the same case against wheel what conventional retailers have against e-commerce. Had we frozen the world to save their jobs, we would all be palanquin bearers today. I really fail to believe that we have brain dead stupids who can actually demand a ban on e-commerce. They do not know what business is, what money is, where it comes from, and where it goes. Or that every innovation puts somebody out of business. If we ban innovations, we should have still been living in caves. Or may be this stupidity is in our DNA. When invaders came with guns, we met them with elephants and passed into a thousand year’s slavery. When European colonizers came with hand-held guns we met them with swords. We do not learn even from our own stupidities of the past.