Of LPG subsidy

According to latest position, only 0.5% of subscribers have given up LPG subsidy.

LPG subscribers in India, even those below poverty line, are not the poorest people of India. So even as people hold forth on social media, and in all sorts of gatherings, that we must do this for the poor and that for the country, when it comes to putting their money where their words are, they are not ready to spare even few hundreds of rupees per month for the poor.
Indians are the hypocrites number one.
In fact unspoken words in all this sermonising can be heard in brackets, if listened to carefully : we must do this for the poor (with somebody else’s money) and that for the country (with somebody else’s money and life).
In all the voting for freebies, though much virtue is made of supporting “pro poor” polices and parties, but clear understanding lurks just beneath the surface: that freebies are for us (not for the poorest Indians), and somebody else will pick up the tab(not us).
What Indians fail to realise that mathematics is the most merciless thing in the world. Even as they fail to learn economics and fail to support folks with correct policies and good movements, they must know that whatever they think they are saving in not supporting right people, and whatever they are gaining by way of freebies, they are losing many many times of that 1. in having to pay more for education, for electricity, for housing, and in almost all household consumables, 2. in getting low paying jobs, or no jobs at all.
The most intriguing trait in present day human beings is their total inability to see, complete blindness to in fact, the presence in themselves of what they condemn in others.