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Of The Fraud Called Global Warming/Climate Change

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1. Climate of the planet is always changing. In last 1000 years itself, the earth has been much warmer and much colder than it is today. Climate of the earth is controlled by the Sun, and Sun alone. Even in case of Green House gases, we human beings are bit players. Even a dog has bigger Carbon foot print than, say, a car. There is nothing we can do to warm the planet, and nothing we can do to cool it, or to hold its temperature constant. On 70% of its surface, we do not even exist, and even on the balance, barring South Asia, Eastern China, and Western Europe, large areas are just lying empty of human beings. Whatever we plan to spend on trying to keep the Global temperature constant, in a fraction of that cost we can adjust to the change in its temperature, whenever that occurs.
2. Requirement of world food grain has peaked. That is why, prices of food grains are not increasing, nor acreage. In fact forest cover in most of the industrialised countries is increasing now. And even in case of India, without adding any new area to cultivation, yield can be increased by at least five time by bringing entire land under irrigation, and with use of better crop varieties. And with better FSI laws, we can urbanise our entire population without needing more land for cities. For example, Hong Kong has FSI of 100, Mumbai has just 3.
3. Climate change will not lead to extinction of species. 99.5% of the species that walked the earth in various times were extinct before we the Homo Sapiens appeared on the scene. Nature has its own ways to make species extinct, or create new ones.
4. 2.5 deg rise will not lead to reduction in economic output, socialism will sure lead to that. CO2 was once five times of what it is today. Most of our food crops appeared when CO2 levels were higher than today. At present plants are always gasping for CO2. Increased CO2 levels will in fact lead to increase in crop yields.
5. Now we have over 140 years of record keeping of temperatures by various government agencies in each country, and records do not show any general increase in temperature, only decadal variations. And if we discount temperature rise in urban heat islands (big cities with concrete structure lead to local higher temperatures) there is hardly any increase. And because of that increase, we are not dying. In fact now we are better fed, better clothed, better housed, and lead healthier lives than we did in entire human existence, all because of, and only because of, industrialisation.
6. To clean rivers like Gangaji, we need a) more money so that no untreated waste water flows into it, and for that we need industrialisation, b) honest government agencies, and for that we need Free Market, that is, complete dismantling of socialism, because corruption is always the first and inevitable consequence of socialism.
7. Delhi sky gets dark in colder temperatures because Delhi has too many trees for a city, that keeps its surface cold, leading to colder air staying at surface. And it has too much unpaved area, leading to fine dust, and then it is sitting on the edge of a desert to its west.
8. The only way to keep future of our children safe is to industrialise rapidly, so that we stay a country, instead of getting torn apart by the mobs of unemployed fractured along various social fault lines. Food grain is not a problem. With better irrigation facilities and water conservation during rains, we will have problem of plenty, not scarcity.
The Leftists started with the bogey of Global Warming. When it was debunked, they changed it to manmade Climate Change. When even that has been exposed to be a fraud, they have started calling the scam as Climate Disruption.
But project is same: to bring down Free Market economies, have a world government that will collectivise and ration world incomes, that is concentration of power in the hands of a world elite that will fix our Carbon rations.
Nature likes economical use of everything. Everything natural is designed to minimise consumption of energy and other resources. That is called a better housekeeping. But that is what industrialisation does: It all the time finds ways to increase efficiencies and more economical use of resources. For example, internet has saved more trees by reducing use of paper, than any Leftist could ever have done using agencies like NGT.
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